N-15Coordinate Measuring MachinesPrecision measuring technology in three dimensionsMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.NAutomatic measurement program generation softwareMiCAT Planner•Identies tolerance information included in 3D models with Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), denes measurement locations and creates a measurement program fully automatically. Also, even with the 3D CAD model without tolerance information, the measurement program can be created automatically just by adding tolerance information on the MiCAT Planner. This is more efcient than the conventional teaching model.Note: To use a measuring program created by the MiCAT Planner you will need a special "right to execute". A "right to execute" for one 3D measuring machine is included in the MiCAT Planner.•Through its optimization function, the software estimates the shortest route for measurement with the minimum of probe repositioning and tool changing, and creates a program that enables measurement in the minimum possible time. •Utilizing the rule editor function to set the measurement rules prevents variation in measurement quality between program writers.One-click programming that changes the relationship between people andprecision measurementTolerance information add functionSupported languages Lets you add tolerances in the software even for 3D CAD models containing no tolerance information. Automatically create optimal measuring programs based on the added tolerance specifications.Available in 15 languages (Japanese, English (US, UK), German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Polish, Czech, Dutch, and Turkish) An optimized measurement program for MCOSMOSInstantly and automatically creates a measurement programCAD data with tolerancesCMM System configurationExample of sampling method: contact measurementExample of sampling method: scanning measurementUser-defined measurement rules(number of locations to measure with tolerance information and sampling method, etc.,)Case studyCompare the measurement part-programming time for a test piece.1: Programming in 2D drawing: 45-60 minutes2: Programming using 2D drawing + 3D CAD: 15-20 minutes3: Create with MiCAT Planner (using 3D CAD model + PMI): approx. 3 minutes!Note: The measurement rules are defined in advance.Part-programming timeReduced by up to 95% !!Guarantee a dramatically reduceddevelopment phaseand at the same time improve product quality.

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