N-17Coordinate Measuring MachinesPrecision measuring technology in three dimensionsMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.NPoint Cloud Processing Software for Coordinate Measuring MachinesMSURF Note: If not using the ACR3 probe changer, probe replacement is performed manually. Calculates point cloud data measured by CNC CMM with SurfaceMeasure. It generates scanning paths by dening the scanning start position, length, and width. Conducts analysis or comparison verication of measured point cloud data in reference to nominal data (supporting CAD data import).Error color-coded mapThickness color-coded mapEvaluation of step/clearanceSection evaluation (dimensional calculation)Surface curvature evaluationMSURF-GMSUR-G is the off-line version of MSURF-S. It allows users to create measurement programs in advance of actual measurements on a CMM by using CAD data. Therefore, users can start measurement immediately at the time a real workpiece is ready. Since MSURF-S is a standalone PC application, only requiring installation by the user, it helps preserve valuable CMM time exclusively for productive measurement.Note: MSURF-G cannot be combined with MSURF-S.MSURF-SMSURF-ISoftware packageSoftwareOn-lineOff-lineMSURF-SRUNMSURF-S1MSURF-S2MSURF-S3MSURF-G1MSURF-G2MSURF-G3MSURF-IPROMSURF-S3333MSURF-G333MSURF-I3MSURF-I Option3333MSURF-MESH PRO33333MSURF-PLANNER*3333MSURF-PLANNER RUN*3* To run a measurement macro created by MSURF-PLANNER, the module "MSURF-PLANNER RUN" is required separately.MSURF-MESH PROMSURF-PLANNER RUNThis software is provided with various functions such as ltering point cloud data and mesh data. The software is enhanced by adding functions to standard ones. It also enables functions such as mesh data thinning-out, highlighting, interpolation and outlier removal that are unavailable as standard.Note: MSURF-MESH PRO has the optional functions of MSURF-I.MSURF-PLANNER RUN is optional software required to execute and edit measurement macros created by MSURF-PLANNER.Note 1: MSURF-PLANNER RUN is optional software added to MSURF-S or MSURF-G.Note 2: This optional software is not required for a PC with MSURF-PLANNER installed.MSURF-PLANNERMSURF-PLANNER is software to automatically create measurement macros (surface form, feature form) for the line laser probe from 3D CAD data.Optimized data (travel path, number of probe head revolutions, etc.) of a measurement path will contribute to improvements in productivity.Automatic z of measurement macros by MSURF-PLANNER• MSURF is a software program that enables users to perform operations from measurement to evaluation on the same platform when the non-contact line laser probe, SurfaceMeasure, is used. Eight software modules are provided according to the task.MSURF software modules

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