B-56BMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.QUICKminiSERIES 700• Lightweight, compact, palm-sized device.• Measurement of small, thin workpieces is possible by only a single operation. • Electromagnetic induction type ABSOLUTE encoder is adopted. • Built-in ABS (absolute) scale requires no zero-set every time the power is turned on. In addition, reliability has improved by eliminating overspeed errors.• Measurement readout with large characters on the LCD reduces eye fatigue.• Typical applications:- Measurement of small workpieces: Pearl, jewel, engine tappet shim, screws.- Measurement of thin workpieces: Printing paper, polyethylene bags, sheet material, noodles and other food products, medium substrate, foil, thin plate, lter cloth and other medical supplies.- Measurement of thin lines and bars: Fishing line, dental reamers, spaghetti, drill for PCBs, wiring.DIMENSIONSUnit: mm700-119-30SPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.Range (mm)Resolution (mm)Accuracy* (mm)Mass (g)700-119-300 - 120.01±0.02100* Excluding quantizing error of ±1 countInch/MetricOrder No.Range (in)ResolutionAccuracy* (in)Mass (g)700-118-300 - 0.50.0005 in/0.01 mm±0.001100* Excluding quantizing error of ±1 count700-119-30Technical DataSR44 (1 pc.), 938882, for initial operational checks (standard accessory)Silver oxide button cell battery SR44 (938882), 1 pc. for monitor (standard accessory)FunctionsABS measurement function: after a data is displayed, next measurement can be performed without zero-setting. Also, the ABS origin point can be changed with ORIGIN switch.INC measurement function: clears the displayed data at any point. The comparative measurement can be easily performed.Low battery alarm: noties that the battery is worn with “B” mark before becoming immeasurable. Thus, the timing for battery replacement can be conrmed in advance.mm101.7101.7(53.8)21.67.411ø523.53542.729117.421.6616616

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