XFeatures of Mitutoyo Small Tool InstrumentsCOOLANT PROOF is the universal term for Mitutoyo Digimatic Small Tool Instruments that are not only resistant to dust and water ingress (rated to IP65 or better) but also to deterioration of materials due to contact with the cutting oil or coolant uids in normal use.Note: Some types of aggressive cutting oil or coolant may degrade the sealing materials over time.COOLANT PROOFFaster measurement is achieved by using a ner thread which feeds the spindle by 2 mm per revolution of the thimble instead of the standard 0.5 mm. This increase of spindle feed has been made possible thanks to new high precision thread-cutting and test techniques. In addition, the ratchet thimble mechanism helps ensure repeatable results and it enables easy operation- even when making measurement one-handed.QuantuMike with 2 mm/rev Spindle FeedThe High-Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer utilizes Mitutoyo’s innovative 0.1 μm resolution ABS (absolute) rotary sensor and high-accuracy screw machining technology to reduce the instrumental error to ±0.5 μm, delivering higher accuracy (0.1 μm) without sacricing operability.High Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer SERIES 293 with resolution of 0.0001 mm1 revolution of thimbleSpindle feed per revolution0.5 mm2.0 mmConventional model QuantuMikeResolution: 0.0001 mm

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