B-79BMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Micrometer HeadThe origin of Mitutoyo’s trustworthy brand of small tool instruments Micrometer HeadsSERIES 148 — Short Thimble with Choice of DiameterDIMENSIONSPlain StemStem LocknutUnit: mmPlain stemPlain stemPlain stemStem locknutStem locknutStem locknutSPECIFICATIONSMetricInchOrder No.Range (mm)Maximum permissible error JMPE (µm)Stem dia. (mm)StemSpindle endSpecial featuresOrder No.Range (in)Maximum permissible error JMPE (in)Stem dia. (in)StemSpindle endSpecial features148-3010 - 6.5±29.5PlainFlat15 mm thimble dia.148-3510 - 0.25±0.00010.375PlainFlat0.59 in thimble dia.148-302W/clamp nut148-352W/clamp nut148-303Plain20 mm thimble dia.148-353Plain0.79 in thimble dia.148-304W/clamp nut148-354W/clamp nut148-305Plain29 mm thimble dia.148-355Plain1.14 in thimble dia.148-306W/clamp nut148-356W/clamp nut148-313PlainSpherical (SR4)15 mm thimble dia.148-3570 - 0.5Plain0.59 in thimble dia.148-314W/clamp nut148-358W/clamp nut148-3070 - 13PlainFlat15 mm thimble dia.148-359Plain0.79 in thimble dia.148-308W/clamp nut148-360W/clamp nut148-309Plain20 mm thimble dia.148-361Plain1.14 in thimble dia.148-310W/clamp nut148-362W/clamp nut148-311Plain29 mm thimble dia.148-312W/clamp nut148-307 Thimble diameter: 15Mass: 35 g3.5(43)2530(12)9.5ø15ø9.5 -00.009ø12ø6.35Set screw0545MHC1-13C No,148-307• Fixture thickness: 6 mm 148-308 Thimble diameter: 15Mass: 35 g3.5(43)2530(12)9.54ø12ø15ø14ø9.5 -00.009ø6.35Locknut Set screwM9.5×0.50545MHC2-13C No,148-308148-309 Thimble diameter: 20Mass: 55 g3.5(43)2530(12)ø20ø9.5 -00.009ø6.359.5ø12Set screw0545MHC1-13M No,148-309• Fixture thickness: 6 mm 148-310 Thimble diameter: 20Mass: 55 g3.5(43)2530(12)ø14ø9.5 -00.0099.54ø6.35ø20ø12Locknut Set screwM9.5×0.50545MHC2-13M No,148-310• Fixture thickness: 6 mm 148-312 Thimble diameter: 29ø6.3525309.5ø144o545ø9.5(12)Set screwLocknut ø29M9.5×0.5(43)( )内の寸法はストロークエンドの寸法です。0-0.009Mass: 103 g148-311 Thimble diameter: 29 3.5(43)2530(12)9.5ø29ø6.35ø9.5-00.009ø12Set screw0545MHC1-13G No,148-311Mass: 103 g ( ): with spindle fully retracted.

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