B-89BMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Micrometer HeadThe origin of Mitutoyo’s trustworthy brand of small tool instruments Technical Data• Graduation: 0.01 mm, 0.001 mm (w/vernier), 0.001 in or 0.0001 in (w/vernier)• Spindle pitch: 0.5 mm or 0.025 in• Measuring face Material: Carbide Hardness: 90 HRA or more Lapped• Scale nishing: Satin-chrome platedMicrometer HeadsSERIES 151 — Medium-sized Standard Type with 8 mm Diameter Spindle• Larger spindle (ø8 mm) for heavy-duty applications (normally ø6.35 mm).DIMENSIONSUnit: mmPlain StemStem LocknutPlain Stem and Spindle LockStem Locknut and Spindle LockPlain stemStem locknutStem locknutPlain stem(81.5)6356.5(38)29ø12-00.011ø8Set screw0455ø21151-227 Mass: 150 g(81.5)6356.5(38)294ø16ø12 -00.011ø8Set screwLocknutM12×0.50455ø21• Fixture thickness: 25.5 mm 151-228 Mass: 155 gø22ø12 -00.011ø2119(28.6)53.665.9(90.9)ø83.54505Set screwSpindle lock151-225 Mass: 165 gø22ø21ø12 -00.011ø16ø819(28.6)65.953.6(90.9)43.54505M12×0.5Locknut Set screwSpindle lock• Fixture thickness: 15.5 mm 151-226 Mass: 165 g( ): with spindle fully retracted.SPECIFICATIONSMetricInchOrder No.Range (mm)Maximum permissible error JMPE (µm)Stem dia. (mm)StemSpindle endSpecial featuresOrder No.Range (in)Maximum permissible error JMPE (in)Stem dia. (in)StemSpindle endSpecial features151-2240 - 25±212PlainFlat (carbide tip)—151-2400 - 0.1±0.00010.5PlainFlat (carbide tip)—151-223W/clamp nut151-239W/clamp nut151-214*2 Plain*1151-238PlainW/vernier (0.0001 in)151-213*2W/clamp nut*1151-237W/clamp nut151-222PlainW/vernier (0.001 mm)151-241*2 Plain*1W/o ratchet stop151-221W/clamp nut151-242*2W/clamp nut*1151-212*2 Plain*1151-243*2 Plain*1W/o ratchet stop (0.0001 in)151-211*2W/clamp nut*1151-244*2W/clamp nut*1151-227PlainW/o ratchet stop151-2720 - 0.2±0.0002Plain—151-228W/clamp nut151-271W/clamp nut151-225 Plain*1*1 With spindle lock *2 Made-to-order models 151-226W/clamp nut*1151-2560 - 50±4Plain—151-255W/clamp nut151-260PlainW/o ratchet stop151-259W/clamp nut*1 With spindle lock *2 Made-to-order models

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