B-95BMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Micrometer HeadThe origin of Mitutoyo’s trustworthy brand of small tool instruments Micrometer HeadsSERIES 153 — Non-rotating Spindle Type • Micrometer head with non-rotating spindle.• Torsion-free feed reduces workpiece deformation and wear. DIMENSIONSUnit: mmEquipped with ratchet and vernier scale153-202Without ratchet / Equipped with vernier scale153-204Plain stemPlain stemPlain stemPlain stemPlain stem*1*2SPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.Range (mm)Graduation (mm)Graduation featuresStem dia. (mm)StemSpindle endSpindle pitch (mm)Maximum permissible error JMPE (µm)153-1010 - 150.01Standard9.5PlainFlat (carbide tip)0.5±3153-201*10 - 2512153-202*10.001W/vernier (0.001 mm)153-2030.01Standard153-2040.001W/vernier (0.001 mm)InchOrder No.Range (in)Graduation (in)Special featuresStem dia. (in)StemSpindle endSpindle pitch (in)Maximum permissible error JMPE (in)153-108*20 - 0.50.001W/vernier (0.0001 in)0.375PlainFlat (carbide tip)0.025±0.00015153-205*10 - 1Standard0.5153-206*10.0001W/vernier (0.0001 in)153-2070.001Standard153-2080.0001W/vernier (0.0001 in)*1 With ratchet stop *2 Made-to-order model( ): with spindle fully retracted.153-101Mass: 70 gø9.5ø6.35ø15.305450-0.009ø14.810(12)2758.5(73.5)Cap153-201Mass: 125 g100545ø8ø12ø180–0.011(12)3787.5(112.5)ø14.8Ratchet153-203054510ø8ø12ø180-0.011(12)3770.5(95.5)ø14.8Cap0 5 45 2 4 6 0 5 0 5 45 2 4 6 0 5 *1 Other dimensions are the same as 153-201.*2 Other dimensions are the same as 153-203.Mass: 125 gTechnical Data• Measuring face Material: Carbide Hardness: 90 HRA or more Lapped• Scale nishing: Satin-chrome plated

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