B-97BMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Micrometer HeadThe origin of Mitutoyo’s trustworthy brand of small tool instruments Micrometer HeadsSERIES 148 — Fine Spindle Feed of 0.1 mm/rev• Highly accurate 0.1 mm pitch thread is only one-fth of that used for a standard-pitch head (0.5 mm). • External dimensions are compatible with standard 0.5 mm pitch heads. Spindle Pitch   Pitch=0.1 mm    Pitch=0.5 mmTypical Applications• Semiconductor-wafer positioning machinery and optical component alignment units, etc.• Precision X-Y table positioning • Precision adjustment of mirror in holder DIMENSIONSUnit: mmSleeve markerPlain StemStem LocknutPlain stemSpherical faceSpherical faceStem locknut148-142 Mass: 31 g908010200ø5ø9.5ø133.59.523.531.5(17)(38)SR4–0.0090Set Screw• Fixture thickness: 6 mm148-143 Mass: 34 gLocknut M9.5×0.5201080909.54ø14(38)(17)31.523.53.5ø13ø9.5ø5SR40−0.0090Set screw05SPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.Range (mm)Graduation (mm)Stem dia. (mm)StemSpindle endSpindle pitch (mm)Maximum permissible error JMPE (µm)Special features148-1420 - 6.50.0029.5PlainSpherical (SR4)0.1±2—148-143W/clamp nut148-342PlainThicker & shorter thimble148-343W/clamp nut148-2426PlainSpherical (SR3)±5Small thimble diameter148-243W/clamp nut148-2440 - 50.0043.5PlainSpherical (SR1.5)148-245W/clamp nutFine-pitch head(spindle pitch: 0.1 mm)Standard pitch head(spindle pitch: 0.5 mm)Comparison of Mounting DimensionsBetween a Fine-pitch Head anda Standard-pitch Head at the Mid-rangeTravel Position.Note: While the fine-pitch micrometer head has a measuring range of 6.5 mm, the standard head has a larger range of 13 mm. When replacing a standard head, the fine-pitch type can use the common range in the middle of the spindle travel. The standard and compact types of fine-pitch head are otherwise completely interchangeable. ( ): with spindle fully retracted.Technical Data• Measuring face Material: Alloy tool steel Hardness: 60 HRC or more Lapped• Scale nishing: Satin-chrome plated9080102040451050(Operating range)(Operating range)005Scale: 6.5 mm positionScale: 3 mm position020.59.59.5(55)(58.5)6.520.5136.56.533.5

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