B-108BMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.• Mitutoyo manufactures simple and less expensive precision leadscrews for precise positioning mechanisms and ne-feed mechanisms, in addition to standard micrometer heads. • Mitutoyo also manufactures leadscrews with special specications, such as 0.25 mm pitch, as well as those with the standard 0.5 mm feed pitch and with dimensions and forms that meet customer requirements.• Durability: 100,000 operations are guaranteed (use condition: 4 kg load; 2 kg for AS-6.5 and BS-6.5)• Main applications: · Precision feed stages· Fine adjustment of optical elements (mirrors, prisms)· Fiber optic centering devices· Various assembly and adjustment jigsDrive motorPinionPrecision lead screwPrecision LeadscrewsAS-25AS-13AS-6.5Micrometer Head Typical ApplicationSPECIFICATIONSOrder No.Model*Range(mm)Feed pitch(mm)Feed accuracy (µm)Stem diameter(mm)Tip diameter(mm)Tail diameter(mm)Screw nominal diameterSleeve diameter(mm)Measuring faceMass (g)04AZA160AS-6.50 - 6.50.5±5ø6 0-0.008ø3.5ø3 0-0.01M4.5×0.5ø7Hardened1004AZA161BS-6.51104AZA162AS-130 - 13±2ø9.5 0-0.009ø5ø5 0-0.012M7.35×0.5ø10.52704AZA163BS-133004AZA164AS-250 - 25ø10 0-0.009ø6.35ø6 0-0.015ø12Carbide6104AZA165BS-2564* ‌AS type: Flat spindle tip without nut BS type: Spherical spindle tip with nutストレートステOrder No.LL1L2L3L4L504AZA160391514.596—04AZA1617.5304AZA16257.52521.515.58—04AZA163404AZA16496.54239.52710—04AZA1654L2L4L1L3L スリーブ(材質:快削鋼、黒染め)ねじ呼び径スピンドル(材質:SKS焼入鋼)先端径スリーブ外径ステム径後端径L3L1LL2L4Diameter of tipDiameter of tail External diameter of sleeveStem diameter Sleeve (material: free-cutting steel, black oxide nish)Nominal diameter of screwSpindle (material: SKS hardening steel)DIMENSIONSType AS: Plain StemType BS: Stem with Locknut Unit: mmPlain stemStem locknutSpherical faceL5L4L3L1LL2Diameter of tipDiameter of tailStem diameterExternal diameter of sleeve Sleeve (material: free-cutting steel, black oxide nish)Nominal diameter of screwSpindle (material: SKS hardening steel)Stem locknutTechnical Data• Measuring face Material: Alloy tool steel (AS-25 and BS-25 are carbide tipped) Hardness: 60 HRC or more (AS-25 and BS-25 are 90 HRA or more) Lapped

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