B-112BMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.B-112BCustom-built Products (Product Example Introductions)Micrometer heads have applications in many elds of science and industry and Mitutoyo offers a wide range of standard models to meet customers’ needs. However, in those cases where the standard product is not suitable, Mitutoyo can custom build a head incorporating features better suited to your special application. Please feel free to contact Mitutoyo about the possibilities - even if only one custom-manufactured piece is required.1. Spindle-end types2. Stem typesA custom stem can be manufactured to suit the mounting xture.3. Scale graduation schemesVarious barrel and thimble scale graduation schemes, such as reverse and vertical, are available. Please consult Mitutoyo for ordering a custom scheme not shown here.9. All-stainless constructionAll components of a head can be manufactured in stainless steel.10. Simple packagingLarge-quantity orders of micrometer heads can be delivered in simple packaging for OEM purposes.11. Spindle and nut (Precision lead screw)The spindle can be used as a precision lead screw. The nut is machined in accordance with the specied dimensions. For details, refer to "Precision Leadscrews" on page B-108.12. Accuracy inspection certicateAn accuracy inspection certicate can be supplied at extra cost. For detailed information, contact the nearest Mitutoyo Sales Ofce.7. Spindle-thread pitchPitches of 1 mm for fast-feed applications or 0.25 mm and 0.1 mm for ne-feed can be supplied as alternatives to the standard 0.5 mm. Inch pitches are also supported. Please consult Mitutoyo for details.8. Lubricant for spindle threadsLubrication arrangements can be specied by the customer.4. Logo engravingA specic logo can be engraved as required.5. Motor CouplingCouplings for providing motordrive to a head can be designed.• Standard• Plain• Standard• Reverse • Vertical • Reverse vertical • Offset zero• Graduations only• Clamp nut• Threaded• Flanged• Spherical• Pointed• Spline• Tapped• Flanged• Blade (for non-rotating spindle type only)Note: Long spindle type is also available. Please consult Mitutoyo.●スタンダード●先端球面●スプライン●めねじ加工●フランジ●ブレード(直進タイプのみ)●スタンダード●先端球面●スプライン●めねじ加工●フランジ●ブレード(直進タイプのみ)●スタンダード●先端球面●スプライン●めねじ加工●フランジ●ブレード(直進タイプのみ)●スタンダード●先端球面●スプライン●めねじ加工●フランジ●ブレード(直進タイプのみ)●スタンダード●先端球面●スプライン●めねじ加工●フランジ●ブレード(直進タイプのみ)●先端球面●スプライン●めねじ加工●フランジ●ブレード(直進タイプのみ)●スプライン●めねじ加工●フランジ●ブレード(直進タイプのみ)●ストレート●ナット付●総ねじ●フランジ●ストレート●ナット付●総ねじ●フランジ●ストレート●ナット付●総ねじ●フランジ●ストレート●ナット付●総ねじ●フランジ00455510152505204515100045551015250520451510100455505●標準●逆目盛●縦目盛●逆縦目盛●0点指定目盛●目盛のみ00455510152505204515100045551015250520451510100455505●標準●逆目盛●縦目盛●逆縦目盛●0点指定目盛●目盛のみ00455510152505204515100045551015250520451510100455505●標準●逆目盛●縦目盛●逆縦目盛●0点指定目盛●目盛のみ00455510152505204515100045551015250520451510100455505●標準●逆目盛●縦目盛●逆縦目盛●0点指定目盛●目盛のみ00455510152505204515100045551015250520451510100455505●標準●逆目盛●縦目盛●逆縦目盛●0点指定目盛●目盛のみ00455510152505204515100045551015250520451510100455505●標準●逆目盛●縦目盛●逆縦目盛●0点指定目盛●目盛のみ6. Thimble mountingThimble mounting methods including a ratchet, setscrew, and hex-socket head screw types are available.• Ratchet• Setscrew• Hex-socket head screw●ラチェット●ラチェット●止めねじ●ラチェット●止めねじ●六角穴付ボルト

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