C-34CMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.AnvilInterchangeable washer62812.552610.54248.5パーツNo.L(mm)刻印No.サイズ(mm)1182023222.54.56.521DZA213A73014.583216.593418.521DZA213B21DZA213C21DZA213D21DZA213E21DZA213F21DZA213G21DZA213H21DZA213J20562420562310.5t(mm)パーツNo.コードNo.・符号No.511-701 CG-35AXø7.4ø5tM5×0.5SR1.5Carbide ballL143(L1)62812.552610.54248.5パーツNo.L(mm)刻印No.サイズ(mm)1182023222.54.56.521DZA213A73014.583216.593418.521DZA213B21DZA213C21DZA213D21DZA213E21DZA213F21DZA213G21DZA213H21DZA213J20562420562310.5t(mm)パーツNo.コードNo.・符号No.511-701 CG-35AXø7.4ø5tM5×0.5SR1.5Carbide ballL143(L1)Spanner102148747Thickness: 1.5The grip is highly resistant to heat transfer from the operator’s hand.Technical Data• Accuracy:Metric models 2 μmInch models 0.00008 in• Repeatability:Metric models 0.5 μmInch models 0.00002 in• Adjacent error:Metric models 1 μmInch models 0.00004 inOptional Accessories• Dial indicator (See Chapter F)• Dial protection cover: 21DZA000 (See page C-45)Recommended Dial Indicators (see Chapter F)• Metric models:2046AB (0.01 mm)2972AB (0.01 mm - One revolution type)2109AB-10 (0.001 mm)2900AB-10 (0.001 mm - One-revolution type)• Inch models:2922AB (0.0005 in)2977AB (0.0005 in- One-revolution type)2923AB-10 (0.0001 in)2910AB-10 (0.0001 in - One-revolution type)Note: Indicators equipped with rubber bellows, such as water-proof types, cannot be used.DIMENSIONSUnit: mmUnit: mmSTANDARD ACCESSORIESBore gage(Main body)AnvilInterchangeable washerSpannerMarked No.Order No.Indication of measuring sizeL1L14Order No.tOrder No.511-701511-7311 21DZA213A18 mm/0.71 in 5.52.52056232056240.5 mm/0.02 in1.0 mm/0.04 in1021482 21DZA213B20 mm/0.79 in 7.54.53 21DZA213C22 mm/0.87 in 9.56.54 21DZA213D24 mm/0.94 in 11.58.5 5 21DZA213E26 mm/1.02 in 13.510.5 6 21DZA213F28 mm/1.10 in 15.512.5 7 21DZA213G30 mm/1.18 in 17.514.58 21DZA213H32 mm/1.26 in 19.516.59 21DZA213J34 mm/1.34 in 21.518.5Contact Points35 - 60 mm/1.4 - 2.5 in250 - 400 mm/10.0 - 16.0 in18 - 35 mm/0.7 - 1.4 in50 - 150 mm/2.0 - 6.0 in100 - 160 mm/4.0 - 6.5 in160 - 250 mm/6.5 - 10.0 inRound guideRound guideRoller guidesRoller guidesRoller guidesRoller guidesAnvilA carbide ball is used for the contact point. It is more abrasion resistant than a hardened steel ball and, as its surface is smoother than that of a carbide tip, the workpiece is less liable to be marked.Comparison of abrasion resistanceInspection method• Load a 0.5 N weight on the anvil, and slide for 1,000 m on abrasive paper of 9 μm (#2000) particle size.Comparison of marks on the workpieceInspection method• Load a 4 N weight on the anvil, and slide on the aluminum plate back and forth for 20 times.Abrasion depth: 0.1 mm750 HV or moreHardened steel ball (conventional model)Carbide tip(conventional model)Abrasion depth: 0.001 mm1350 HV or moreCarbide ball(current model)Carbide ball(current model)形状測定結果縦倍率 2,000 横倍率 200深さ:10µm形状測定結果縦倍率 2,000 横倍率 200深さ:1µm以下Ra0.4ø6SR3Ra0.06ø6SR2.5Result of contour measurementResult of contour measurementVertical magnication: 2,000Horizontal magnication: 200Depth: 10 µmVertical magnication: 2,000Horizontal magnication: 200Depth: 1 µm or lessRa0.4ø6SR3Ra0.06ø6SR2.5SR0.75 Carbide ballAnvilContact pointInch: ø9.53Inch: 2311.96.4100123Metric: 32Metric: ø8ø9Approx. 804.3ø12.718 - 35 mm/0.7 - 1.4 in

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