C-39CMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.• Micrometer head is attached to the anvil for accurate dimensional setting.• Longer plunger stroke with no effect on accuracy.• Carbide is used for the contact point ensuring high durability and wear resistance.• This model reduces the inuence of heat from the operator's hand by approx. 50% by increasing the grip size and making the grip hollow-structured, thereby retaining high-accuracy measurement. • Wide measuring range with sub-anvils.• The indicator (dial indicator, Digimatic indicator) and dial protection cover are optional. Select an indicator from the recommended dial indicators and Digimatic indicators. Please contact us for advice when using an indicator other than the recommended indicators.• Optional Extension Rods can be attached for measuring deep holes. (For details, refer to page C-45)• A Bore Gage Checker and a range of Setting Rings are available to aid in accurately setting a gage before making a measurement. (For details, refer to pages C-46 and C-47) Bore GagesSERIES 511 — with Micrometer HeadBore GagesFor easy and accurate measurement of inside diametersNote 1: Storage boxes for 511-807/808/837/838 models are made of wood. The boxes of other models are made of plastic.Note 2: It is not permissible to expand measuring range using sub-anvils other than as supplied as standard accessories. (The measurement accuracy in such cases is not guaranteed.)SPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.Range (mm)Stroke of contact point (mm)Measuring force (N)Guide force (N)Content of setProbing depth (mm)Bore gageDial indicatorDial protection coverMicrometer headSub-AnvilSpanner511-80360 - 1001.65 or less10 or less511-803Not suppliedNot supplied1 pc.2 pcs.3 pcs.150511-804100 - 160511-8043 pcs.2 pcs.511-805150 - 2506 or less15 or less511-8054 pcs.250511-806250 - 400511-8063 pcs.511-807400 - 60020 or less511-8072 pcs.511-808600 - 800511-8082 pcs.511-823-2060 - 1001.65 or less10 or less511-8032109AB-10(Graduation: 0.001 mm)21DZA0001 pc.2 pcs.3 pcs.150511-824-20100 - 160511-8043 pcs.2 pcs.511-825-20150 - 2506 or less15 or less511-8054 pcs.250511-826-20250 - 400511-8063 pcs.511-827-20400 - 60020 or less511-8072 pcs.511-828-20600 - 800511-8082 pcs.511-813-2060 - 1001.65 or less10 or less511-8032046AB(Graduation: 0.01 mm)21DZA0001 pc.2 pcs.3 pcs.150511-814-20100 - 160511-8043 pcs.2 pcs.511-815-20150 - 2506 or less15 or less511-8054 pcs.250511-816-20250 - 400511-8063 pcs.511-817-20400 - 60020 or less511-8072 pcs.511-818-20600 - 800511-8082 pcs.InchOrder No.Range (in)Stroke of contact point (in)Measuring force (N)Guide force (N)Content of setProbing depth (in)Bore gageDial indicatorDial protection coverMicrometer headSub-AnvilSpanner511-8332.4 - 4.00.0635 or less10 or less511-833Not suppliedNot supplied1 pc.2 pcs.3 pcs.6511-8344.0 - 6.4511-8343 pcs.2 pcs.511-8356.0 - 10.06 or less15 or less511-8354 pcs.10511-83610.0 - 16.0511-8363 pcs.511-83716.0 - 24.020 or less511-8372 pcs.511-83824.0 - 32.0511-8382 pcs.511-853-202.4 - 4.00.0635 or less10 or less511-8332923AB-10(Graduation: 0.0001 in)21DZA0001 pc.2 pcs.3 pcs.4511-854-204.0 - 6.4511-8343 pcs.2 pcs.6511-855-206.0 - 10.06 or less15 or less511-8354 pcs.511-856-2010.0 - 16.0511-8363 pcs.511-857-2016.0 - 24.020 or less511-8372 pcs.10511-858-2024.0 - 32.0511-8382 pcs.511-843-202.4 - 4.00.0635 or less10 or less511-8332922AB(Graduation: 0.0005 in)21DZA0001 pc.2 pcs.3 pcs.4511-844-204.0 - 6.4511-8343 pcs.2 pcs.6511-845-206.0 - 10.06 or less15 or less511-8354 pcs.511-846-2010.0 - 16.0511-8363 pcs.511-847-2016.0 - 24.020 or less511-8372 pcs.10511-848-2024.0 - 32.0511-8382 pcs.511-806511-803Note: The dial indicator and the protection cover are optional.511-804Note: The dial indicator and the protection cover are optional.511-804

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