C-42CMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.AnvilInterchangeable washerSub-anviltø5ø3.6150105Approx. 80Aø9B2.5R1(Hardened steel)Anvilø5ALM3.5×0.5ø5Carbide ballR4 (Hardened steel)M3.5×0.5L14L22DIMENSIONSUnit: mmUnit: mmSTANDARD ACCESSORIESBore gage(Main body)AnvilInterchangeable washerSub-AnvilMarked No.Order No.Indication of measuring sizeL1L22R4L14Order No.tOrder No.L23L19511-415511-418( ) Using 10 mm/0.4 inSub-Anvil121DZA376A15 mm (25 mm)/0.59 in (0.98 in)4.52.5SR122121270.5 mm/0.02 in21DAA5632.510 mm/0.4 in2 21DZA376B16 mm (26 mm)/0.63 in (1.02 in)5.533 21DZA376C17 mm (27 mm)/0.67 in (1.06 in)6.544 21DZA376D18 mm (28 mm)/0.71 in (1.10 in)7.555 21DZA376E19 mm (29 mm)/0.75 in (1.14 in)8.566 21DZA376F20 mm (30 mm)/0.79 in (1.18 in)9.5SR1.577 21DZA376G21 mm (31 mm)/0.83 in (1.22 in)10.588 21DZA376H22 mm (32 mm)/0.87 in (1.26 in)11.599 21DZA376J23 mm (33 mm)/0.91 in (1.30 in)12.51010 21DZA376L24 mm (34 mm)/0.94 in (1.34 in)13.51111 21DZA376M25 mm (35 mm)/0.98 in (1.38 in)14.512511-416511-4191 21DZA404A35 mm/1.38 in17.57.5SR1.5102121272121282121292121300.5 mm/0.02 in1.0 mm/0.04 in2.0 mm/0.08 in3.0 mm/0.12 in2 21DZA404B40 mm/1.57 in22.5153 21DZA404C45 mm/1.77 in27.5204 21DZA404D50 mm/1.97 in32.5255 21DZA404E55 mm/2.17 in37.5306 21DZA404F60 mm/2.36 in42.535511-417511-420( ) Using50 mm/2 inSub-Anvil1 21DZA404A50 mm (100 mm)/1.97 in (3.94 in)17.57.5SR1.5 102121272121282121292121300.5 mm/0.02 in1.0 mm/0.04 in2.0 mm/0.08 in3.0 mm/0.12 in21DAA5967.550 mm/2 in2 21DZA404B55 mm (105 mm)/2.17 in (4.13 in)22.5153 21DZA404C60 mm (110 mm)/2.36 in (4.33 in)27.5204 21DZA404D65 mm (115 mm)/2.56 in (4.53 in)32.5255 21DZA404E70 mm (120 mm)/2.76 in (4.72 in)37.5306 21DZA404F75 mm (125 mm)/2.95 in (4.92 in)42.5357 21DZA404G80 mm (130 mm)/3.15 in (5.12 in)47.5408 21DZA404H85 mm (135 mm)/3.35 in (5.31 in)52.5459 21DZA404J90 mm (140 mm)/3.54 in (5.51 in)57.55010 21DZA404L95 mm (145 mm)/3.74 in (5.71 in)62.55511 21DZA404M100 mm (150 mm)/3.94 in (5.91 in)67.560M3.5x0.5M3.5x0.5ø5L23L19(L1)M3.5×0.5M3.5×0.5L23(L1)ø5L19Spanner204354Washer holder212202Locking screw212203M2×0.4ø4(12)75M2×0.4ø453(8)Thickness: 1.5 3.9(41)Note: It is not permissible to use a sub-anvil other than as supplied as a standard accessory, or widen a measuring range by using multiple sub-anvils. (The measurement accuracy in such cases is not guaranteed.)(L1)R4(焼入れ鋼)φ5M3.5×0.5L22L14R4 (Hardened steel)M3.5×0.5(L1)φ5L22L14R4 (Carbide ball)M3.5×0.5(L1)ø5L22L14Recommended Digimatic Indicators(see Chapter F)• Metric models: 543-310B (ID-C112GXB: 0.001 mm)• Inch models: 543-312B (ID-C112GEXB: 0.001 mm/0.00005 in)• The ID measurement can be performed easily since the minimum value is detected automatically.• Up to three combinations of master value and the tolerance value can be set.• Nine measurement results (maximum) can be saved and recalled from memory (when no external device is connected). Refer to page F-14 for details.AnvilContact pointSR0.75 Carbide ballInch: 23Inch: ø9.53Metric: ø8Approx. 80Metric: 32150123ø9L172.5L21L16RangeL21L16L1715 - 35 mm/0.6 - 1.4 in9.910.63.835 - 60 mm/1.4 - 2.4 in14.31811.450 - 150 mm/2.0 - 6.0 in22.72218

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