C-44CMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Extension rod (optional)( ): 500 mm typeM26×1.5250 (500)ø282820232 (482)16.5268.5 (518.5)1.5Description*Order No.QtyNominal length(mm)1611611-02112611612-02113611613-02115611615-021110611671-021120611672-021130611673-021140611674-0211Flat jaw6300301 pair (2 pcs.)Holder 160 mm6190041Certicate of inspection1* Equivalent to JIS B 7506 Grade 0Description*Order No.QtyNominal length(mm)1614611-02112614612-02113614613-02115614615-021110614671-021120614672-021130614673-021140614674-0211Flat jaw6190721 pair (2 pcs.)Tie rod 3 in6190621Tie rod 2 1/4 in6190631Tie rod 1 1/2 in6190641Flat head screw 1 1/4 in6190572Flat head screw 5/8 in6190582Certicate of inspection 1* Equivalent to JIS B 7506 Grade 0 • Rectangular gauge blocks Note: Available only for 511-501/521 516-118-10 516-118-60 with calibration certicate• Square gauge blocks Note: Available only for 511-501/521 516-119-10 516-119-60 with calibration certicateGauge Blocks and Block Sets for Setting the Origin or Master Value (optional)• Typical applicationDIMENSIONSUnit: mmUnit: mmSTANDARD ACCESSORIESBore gageAnvilInterchangeable washer(Main body)Marked No.Order No.Indication of measuring sizeL1 (mm)L14 (mm)Order No.t511-501511-5211 21DZA232A45 mm/1.8 in155.52054572054582054592054600.5 mm/0.02 in1.0 mm/0.04 in2.0 mm/0.08 in3.0 mm/0.12 in2 21DZA232B50 mm/2.0 in2010.53 21DZA232C55 mm/2.2 in2515.54 21DZA232D60 mm/2.4 in3020.55 21DZA232E65 mm/2.6 in3525.56 21DZA232F70 mm/2.8 in4030.57 21DZA232G75 mm/3.0 in4535.58 21DZA232H80 mm/3.2 in5040.59 21DZA232J85 mm/3.4 in5545.510 21DZA232L90 mm/3.6 in6050.511 21DZA232M95 mm/3.8 in6555.512 21DZA232N100 mm/4.0 in7060.5511-502511-5221 21DZA232A100 mm/4.0 in155.52054572054582054592054600.5 mm/0.02 in1.0 mm/0.04 in2.0 mm/0.08 in3.0 mm/0.12 in2 21DZA232B105 mm/4.2 in2010.53 21DZA232C110 mm/4.4 in2515.54 21DZA232D115 mm/4.6 in3020.55 21DZA232E120 mm/4.8 in3525.56 21DZA232F125 mm/5.0 in4030.57 21DZA232G130 mm/5.2 in4535.58 21DZA232H135 mm/5.4 in5040.59 21DZA232J140 mm/5.6 in5545.510 21DZA232L145 mm/5.8 in6050.511 21DZA232M150 mm/6.0 in6555.512 21DZA232N155 mm/6.2 in7060.513 21DZA232P160 mm/6.4 in7565.5AnvilInterchangeable washertø 6.2ø 9.5ø5.99.5L14ø5.9L149.5SR2.5Carbide ball(L1)511-502 and 511-522511-501 and 511-521320˚rotation90°inclination320˚rotationSR2Hardened steel(339.5)29.43491501501003028ø22ø30(23.2)17ø61Hardened steelSR255.546.4(39)Unit: mm

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