D-36DNomenclature050108030709040600.01mm505-666MADE IN JAPAN01 07 08 0本尺目盛目盛板20010203040506070本尺目盛バーニヤ目盛012345678910How to Read the Scale• Dial Calipers• Vernier CalipersGraduation 0.01 mmMain scale 16 mmVernier 0.15 mmReading 16.15 mmGraduation 0.05 mm(1)(2)Main scale 16 mmDial face 0.13 mmReading 16.13 mm(1)(2)How to Read the Scale●Dial Calipers●Vernier CalipersGraduation 0.01 mmMain scale reading 4.00 mmVernier scale reading 0.75 mmCaliper reading 4.75 mmGraduation 0.05 mm(1)(2)Main scale reading 16 mmDial face reading 0.13 mmDial Caliper reading 16.13 mm(1)(2)050108030709040600.01mm505-666MADE IN JAPAN01 07 08 0Main scaleDial face20050108030709040600.01mm505-666MADE IN JAPAN7 020(1)(2)(2)Main scaleVernier scale②①001234567891010203040010203040506070012345678910Main scaleVernier scale010203040506070012345678910050108030709040600.01mm505-666MADE IN JAPAN01 07 0Main scaleDial face20050108030709040600.01mm505-666MADE IN JAPAN01 07 020(1)(1)(1)(2)(2)(2)(2)Special Purpose Caliper ApplicationsPoint jaw typeOffset jaw typeDepth typeBlade jaw typeFor uneven surface measurementFor stepped feature measurementFor depth measurementFor diameter of narrow groove measurementC-typeStandardInside mMeasureVernier CaliperMeasurement examples1. Outside measurement2. Inside measurement4. Depth measurement3. Step measurementNote: Above left, 0.15 mm (2) is read at the position where a main scale graduation line corresponds with a vernier graduation line.CalipersQuick Guide to Precision Measuring InstrumentsStep measuring facesGib, sliderLocking screwScrew, gib pressingBeamStopper, sliderDepth measuring facesMain scaleReference surfaceThumbwheelVernier scaleSliderInside measuring facesInside jawsOutside jawsScrew, gib settingDepth barAbsolute Digimatic CaliperBeamReference surfaceMain scaleDepth barDepth measuring facesThumb-rollerZERO Set/ABSOLUTE buttonOutput connectorLocking screwSliderOutside measuring facesOutsidejawsInside jawsInside measuring facesStep measuring facesOutside measuring faces

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