D-52DMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Height GageOptional accessories for height gagesScriber 90017390039090016807GZA000905200先端部詳細図Scale 2/10.5230°50°0.5930808.2159508DIMENSIONS Unit: mmSPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.Applicable Height Gages07GZA000192 Series Digimatic Height Gages (192-613-10, 192-614-10, 192-615-10)570 Series Digimatic Height Gages (570-302, 570-304)192 Series Dial Height Gages (192-130, 192-131, 192-132, 192-133) 514 Series Vernier Height Gages (514-102, 514-104, 514-106, 514-103, 514-105, 514-107)574 Series Heightmatic (574-112-1, 574-111-1, 574-110-1)570 Series Digimatic Height Gages (570-322/324) 900168514 Series Vernier Height Gages (514-160/172)905200192 Series Digimatic Height Gages (192-663-10, 192-664-10, 192-665-10)570 Series Digimatic Height Gage (570-230)514 Series Vernier Height Gages (514-108, 514-109)900390514 Series Vernier Height Gage (514-170)900872• Attached to both the workpiece*1 and height gage*2 when measuring heights using a height gage with a scriber, the contact sensor is a convenient detector that gives a lamp display when the scriber touches the workpiece.*1 Conductive workpieces only. *2 Attach to a conductive part.• Magnet is incorporated.• Battery (PR44, 2 pcs. required) is not included.• For precision Black Granite Surface Plates, refer to page E-49.951144• Allows quick measurement of center-to-center distance between holes.• Measurable hole diameters: 1 to 38 mm• Mounting bar section: 9×9 mm900764• Attaches to a height gage for measuring groove and hole depth.• Minimum hole diameter: 5.5 mm• Maximum distance from the bottom of the holding bar to the contact point:80 mm (metric type), 2.95 in (inch type)• Dial indicator contact points are usable. (Refer to pages F-57 and F-58.)• Mounting bar section: 9×9 mm• Holding bar length: 100 mm• For information about the attachment of test indicators, refer to page F-75.Contact SensorCenter ProbeDepth Gage AttachmentDial Test IndicatorsInchOrder No.Applicable Height Gages900173570 Series Digimatic Height Gages (570-227, 570-244)506 Series Vernier Height Gages (506-201/207/204, 506-208)900258192 Series Digimatic Height Gages (192-630-10, 192-631-10, 192-632-10, 192-633-10)570 Series Digimatic Height Gages (570-312, 570-313, 570-314)574 Series Heightmatic (574-212-1, 574-211-1, 574-210-1)905201192 Series Digimatic Height Gages (192-670-10, 192-671-10, 192-672-10, 192-673-10)570 Series Digimatic Height Gage (570-248)昔端部裳肴図(scl=2/1)5.746.350.5(6.5)225228(47)322512.70.510945105(32.5)58842213(150)8.29昔端部拡堆図 2/15886(28)161149.210144162.545127450~25~89810.50.53298033(47)1030~50~20.5昔端部裳肴R4.5

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