D-56Mitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.DDIMENSIONSUnit: mm( ): 600 mm stroke typeOptional AccessoriesContact points for a wide range of measurementsItemOrder No.DescriptionDepth probe(1)12AAC072Depth probeSpecial holder(2)12AAA792Holder for dial indicator(3)12AAA793Holder (Long)Interchangeable contact points for ø5 mm stepped probe(4)957265ø20 mm disk(5)957264ø14 mm disk(6)957261ø2 mm ball (coaxial type)(7)957262ø3 mm ball (coaxial type)(8)957263ø4 mm ball (coaxial type)(9)12AAA789ø6 mm ball (eccentric type)(10)12AAA788ø4 mm ball (eccentric type)AC Adapter06AFZ950JAAD620JA for Japan/U.S.06AFZ950DAD620D for the EU06AFZ950EAD620E for the UK06AFZ950K AD620K for Korea06AEG180DC AD620DC for ChinaOthers05HZA1439×9 mm adapter (clamp underneath is required)05GZA033Clamp (for 9×9 mm adapter)05HZA1446.35×12.7 mm adapter (clamp underneath is required)901385Clamp (for 6.35×12.7 mm adapter)05HZA173Scriber** Used for measurements, cannot be used for scribing.Note: A gauge block may be required for zero-setting depending on the probe or contact point to be used.(1)(6)(7)(8)(5)(4)(10)(9)(2)(3)• Height difference measurement (1) Height A and height B from the surface plate will be displayed.BA• Height difference measurement (2) After measuring heights A and B, the height difference C between them can be shown in the bottom row of the display.C1311372106378280784(1016)115350(600)Optional accessories that enable centralized data managementOrder No. Item nameSmall printer equipped with Data Logger264-505DP-1VA LOGGER936937Digimatic connecting cable (1 m)965014Digimatic connecting cable (2 m)06AFZ050USB cable (A-microB)Measurement Data Input Unit06AFM380DUSB Input Tool Direct USB-ITN-DMeasurement data wireless communication system02AZD730GU-WAVE-T (Transmission unit) (IP67 type)02AZD880GU-WAVE-T (Transmission unit) (Buzzer type)02AZD790DU-WAVE-T dedicated cable (Standard use)02AZE140DU-WAVE-T dedicated cable (For foot switch)02AZD810DU-WAVE-R receiver02AZE990U-WAVE mounting plateMeasurement data collection software for Excel USB-IT PAK V2.1Measurement data network system MeasurLink®

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