D-62DMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.( ): 129-109Interchangeable rod (Optional Accessories)(Check and adjust the origin point before measurement)LDIMENSIONS Unit: mmRange (mm)0 - 2525 - 5050 - 7575 - 100100 - 125125 - 150150 - 175175 - 200200 - 225225 - 250250 - 275275 - 300Analog modelsOrder No.983501983503983505983507983509983511983525983527983529983531983533983535L (mm)104129154179204229254279304329354379Digimatic modelsOrder No.983505983507983509983511983525983527983529983531983533983535981781981782L (mm)154179204229254279304329354379404429Range (in)0 - 11 - 22 - 33 - 44 - 55 - 66 - 77 - 88 - 99 - 1010 - 1111 - 12Analog modelsOrder No.983502983504983506983508983510983512983526983528983530983532983534983536L (mm)104.3129.7155.1180.5205.9231.3256.7282.1307.5332.9358.3383.7Digimatic modelsOrder No.983506983508983510983512983526983528983530983532983534983536981783981784L (mm)155.1180.5205.9231.3256.7282.1307.5332.9358.3383.7409.1434.5ø416Range18101.6ø4101.6 (63.5)16ø18.380.8ø18.384.853Range18329-250-30, 329-251-30129-109, 129-113Functions of 329-250-30, 329-251-30, 329-350-30, and 329-351-30Origin point setting (ABS measurement system): Resets the ABS origin at the current spindle position to the minimum value of the measuring range and switches to ABS mode. Zero-setting (INC measurement system): A brief press on the ZERO/ABS button sets display to zero at the current spindle position and switches to the incremental (INC) measuring mode. A longer press resets to the ABS measuring mode. Hold: Pressing the HOLD button freezes the current value in the display. This function is useful for preserving a measurement in situations of poor visibility where the instrument must be moved away from the workpiece before the reading can be recorded. Data output: Models equipped with this function have an output port for transferring measurement data to a Statistical Process Control (SPC) system.Auto power ON/OFF: The reading on the LCD disappears after this instrument is idle for about 20 minutes, but the reading and measurement mode are retained. Turning the spindle causes the reading to reappear.Error alarm: In case of an overow on the LCD or a computing error, an error message appears on the LCD, and the measuring function stops. This prevents an instrument from giving an erroneous reading. Also, when the battery voltage drops to a certain level, the low-battery-voltage alarm annunciator appears well before the micrometer becomes unusable.Function lock: This function allows the PRESET (origin point setting) function and the ZERO (zero-setting) function to be locked to prevent these points being reset accidentally.

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