E-18EMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.HolderThickness=15 mmWidth=29.5 mmFlatness of the datum surface 0.5 μmParallelism 0.8 μmFlatness of the bottom surface 1 μmBase 619009Half-round jawsType I Type IIPlain jaw (B type) 619018*Scriber point 619019Center point 619020Tram point 619021*Triangular straightedge (for handheld use only)Flatness of the datum surface 0.5 μmParallelism of A 0.5 μm619004 =15 to 160 mm619005 =20 to 250 mmThe length () can be extended by removing the adapter.619002 =15 to 60 mm619003 =5 to 100 mm(capacity)(capacity)AdapterClampFinished surfaceHolder mount35±0.000835±0.000872105Holder mountDatum surface9ABDCMeasuring facesDatum surfaceCDBA9Measuring facesDatum surface16025°Measuring and datum surface920Flatness of the datum surface 1 µmDatum surface5098.5Flatness of the datum surface 0.5 µmEccentricity tolerance of the point ±10 µmDatum surface5060°98.5Flatness of the datum surface 0.5 µmEccentricity tolerance of the point ±10 µmFlatness of the datum surface 0.5 µmDatum surface5030°98.5LStraightness of the edges 1.2 µm100 mm (619022)160 mm (619023) 19.5(619023)1619.560° 16(619022)Order No.TypeSize (mm)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)619010*I22±0.00055.5407.5619011*55±0.000515.5457.5619012*88±0.000520508.5619013*II1212±0.0005257513619014*2020±0.00052512520.5Typical application 1Accessories used in application 1:Half-round jaw (619013) 2 pcs.Holder (619002) 1 pc.Gauge block Accessories used in application 2:Base (619009) 1 pc.Holder (619003) 1 pc.Scriber point (619019) 1 pc.Gauge block Setting a bore gage using a holder with a pair of Type I half-round jaws arranged as flat contact surfacesTypical application 3Typical application 2* A single piece is supplied for each Order No., except for half-round jaws, plain jaws (B type) and tram points, which are supplied as a two-pack.

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