E-19EMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.• Specially designed for long rectangular gauge blocks of 100 mm and over which have two coupling holes in the body: coupling of two long gauge blocks, a stack of regular gauge blocks and attachment of jaws is possible. • These accessories can be used for long steel or CERA blocks.Accessories for Rectangular Gauge Blocks over 100 mmSERIES 516 Connector A 619031Used for directly coupling two long gauge blocks.In addition to connecting long gauge blocks, the holders can also connect long gauge blocks with other types of gauge blocks inserted in between. Holder B is for gauge blocks with nominal size of 40 mm or less, and holder C for gauge blocks with nominal size of 150 mm or less (holder C can also be used to connect hole-less gauge blocks of 100 mm or less with various types of jaw). Adapters can be used to attach jaws on the edges of long gauge blocks.Connectors B and CUse of B-type connectors in gage construction Coupling holes in long gauge blocksUsing an A-type connector516-605(14 pcs.)Adjustable pin7527.5Fixed pin Fixed pin (27.5)75Adjustable pinクランプピン(固定)(27.5)75クランプピン(連結)Fixed pin (27.5)75Adjustable pinAdapter (2 pcs.) 619036Adapter 619036LL25±0.535–0.3025±0.5Airy point markers2×ø10Nominal size (L)L×0.2119–0.2–0.05Gauge BlocksLength Standards Brought to You by MitutoyoOrder No. (max.)LAdapter Qty.61903290126Connector B2 619033200236Connector CSPECIFICATIONSSet Order No.Order No.DescriptionQuantity Supplied516-605619031Connector A1 pc.619032Connector B619033Connector C619034Connector D619035Connector E619036Adapter3 pcs.619009Base1 pc.619018Plain jaw (B-type)2 pcs.619013Half-round jaw619019Scriber point1 pc.Unit: mm

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