E-20EMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Connector D619034Used for attaching a long gauge block directly to the base. Connector E619035Used for attaching a long gauge block to the base over a stack of regular gauge blocks wrung between the base and long gauge block. The length is highly adjustable to accommodate the variable length of the stack.210= 70 - 175mmAdapter 619036 (1pc.)Adapter 619036 (1 pc.)210=70 - 175 mm210=70~175 mmクランプコマ(1個)No.619036 210=70 to 175 mmAdapter 619036 (1 pc.) Base619009Flatness of the datum surface 0.5 μmParallelism 0.8 μmFlatness of the bottom surface 1 μmFinished surfaceHolder mount35±0.000835±0.000872105Holder mountDatum surfacePlain jaw (B-type)61901816025°Measuring and datum surface920Flatness of the datum surface 1 µmHalf-round jaw619013Measuring faceDatum surface75251312±0.0005 mm9Flatness of the datum surface 0.5 µmParallelism 0.5 µmScriber point619019Datum surface5098.5Flatness of the datum surface 0.5 µmExample of use of accessories with long gauge blocks The table below shows the appropriate combination of long rectangular gauge blocks and accessories for making inside and outside measurements in the approximate range 300 mm to 1000 mm in 100 mm steps. The numbers in the table represent the number of gauge blocks or accessories in use. Note that the ranges shown do not take into account the combined thickness of the half-round jaws for inside measurement (24 mm) and the length of any regular gauge block stack used.Items Order No.300 mm400 mm500 mm600 mm700 mm800 mm900 mm1000 mmInnerOuterInnerOuterInnerOuterInnerOuterInnerInnerInnerOuterInnerOuterInnerOuter Rectangular gauge block (nominal dimension) 200 mm61168211300 mm611683111111400 mm61168411111111500 mm61168511111122Connector A 6190311111111111Connector B*61903222222222Half-round jaws 2 pcs./set61901322222222Adapter 619036(2)(2)(2)(2)(2)(2)(2)(2)* Provided with adapters (2 pcs.).Setting a dial test indicator to a long-gauge-block stack attached to the base with a D-type connectorTypical application40.565.5

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