E-26EMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Half-round jaw• Contraction caused by the clamping forceThe minimum recommended torque to be applied to the clamping screws is approximately 600 mN·m. The chart below shows the approximate length contraction of a 100 mm gage stack using typical torque values.Flat head screwAdjustable tie rodTie rod• Flatness 0.12 μm• Parallelism 0.12 μm• A and B are datum surfacesPlain jaw 619072Slotted head nut 619059• Flatness 1.5 μm• Parallelism 1.5 μm The surface within 1.5 mm(of edge is excluded )Base 619074Scriber point 619054• Flatness 0.5 μm• Flatness of datum surface 0.5 μmd=4.166 P=0.7938Unit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mmd=4.166 P=0.7938Center point 619073Stud 619056Knurled head screw619066R24.7WLHø6.7Datum surface39.924.75.14Within 7.5 µmø6.7Datum surface16ø4.166P=0.79388-32UNC5810±0.0005Datum surfaceø6.7Datum surface15.88-32UNCNo.8-32UNCd=4.166 P=0.7938ø6.3530128-32UNCøNo.8-32UNCd=4.166 p=0.7938ø92±0.017.8Datum surface24.739.9ø6.78-32UNCNo.8-32UNCd=4.166 P=0.7938LNo. 8-32UNCd=4.166 P=0.7938LNo. 8-32UNCd=4.166 P=0.7938LPø6.35n (Number of holes)8-32UNCd=4.166 P=0.7938Lø6.35P×nMPLd=4.166 P=0.79388-32UNCn (Number of holes)ø6.358-32UNCLd=4.166 P=0.7938d=4.166 P=0.7938Stud Order No.R (mm)L (mm)W (mm)H (mm)6190701.95233.65.36190714.95539.910.3• Flatness 0.5 μm• Parallelism of L 0.5 μm• Tolerance of L ±0.5 μmOrder No.L(mm)M(mm)P(mm)n(Number of holes)619060124.53.856.351461906186.53.956.358Order No.L (mm)61905731.661905815.8DriverContractionTorque Driver600 mN·m0.2 μm/100 mmOrdinary Driver700 to 800 mN·m0.3 μm/100 mmOrder No.L (mm)61906519619064386190635761906276Accessories used for combining square gauge blocksOverall length (mm)Min.213634414558647277829195109117130148121167143160205180223240258295375Order No.Included in setMax.30434350607279889197107109125135150169180184210255270285288345363445520619059Slotted head nut 111619058Flat head screw 1212121211226190571121212122222222222619056Stud 11111111112619065Tie rod 111161906411116190631111116190621111111111619061Adjustable tie rod 22222261906022222239.9ø6.7AB910±0.00124.7Unit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mmUnit: mm

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