E-29EMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Maintenance Kit for Gauge Blocks SERIES 516(5) Cleaning paper (600006)(lens paper, 82×304 mm, 500 pcs.)Used for wiping off rust preventive oil and contamination. Lint free.(6) Articial leather mat (B4 size, Articial buckskin) (600007)Used as a gauge block mat in order to avoid scratches on the work table.(7) Reagent bottle (600008)(polyethylene container, 100 ml)Bottle of wiping solution. (Mitutoyo employs n-Heptane for solvent.)(8) Gloves (600009)Used for handling large gauge blocks. Effective for the prevention of corrosion and thermal expansion.Order No. 516-650E Tools and accessories included:(1) Ceraston (601645)(both sides nished by lapping)(100×25×12 mm)(2) Optical at (158-117)(ø45, 12 mm thickness, Flatness 0.2 μm)Used to check the wringing of thin gauge blocks and for the presence of burrs.(3) Tweezers (600004)Used for handling thin gauge blocks.(4) Blower brush (600005)Used for blowing dust from measuring surfaces.• Maintenance kit for gauge blocks includes all the necessary maintenance tools for removing burrs and contamination, and applying anti-corrosion treatment after use.Gauge BlocksLength Standards Brought to You by MitutoyoRecommendation for Regular CalibrationAs is widely known, gauge blocks are end measures based on distance measurements traceable to the wavelength of the iodine stabilized He-Ne laser. Because they serve as the standard based on which measurement devices are adjusted, even the smallest of errors can be critical; nevertheless, users often neglect to periodically calibrate them because they are so rarely used. Please calibrate your gauge blocks as described in the table below (best practices may vary according to frequency of use and grade).As an accredited calibration laboratory, Mitutoyo offers a traceable calibration service for customers’ gauge blocks. Our regular calibration service features:• Gauge blocks manufactured by any maker can be calibrated.• Cleansing and removal of burrs.• Central dimension and dimensional deviations of each block are measured.• Calibration results are provided for immediate use and for building a calibration history of each block. For detailed information, contact the nearest Mitutoyo sales ofce.ApplicationCycle (years)GradeReference standard1 to 2KCalibration2K or 0Inspection20 or 1Shop oor0.5 to 11 or 2516-650E

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