F-4FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Optional AccessoriesLifting leverLifting knobLifting cable• Lifting Lifting lever21EZA198 (ISO/JIS Type), 21EZA199 (ASME/ANSI/AGD Type) Lifting knob21EZA105 (ISO/JIS Type), 21EZA150 (ASME/ANSI/AGD Type) Lifting cable 21JZA295 • SPC Cable: 905338 (1 m) 905409 (2 m)• USB Input Tool Direct (2 m): 06AFM380FNote: Please separately purchase USB-ITPAK since there is no data output switch on the measurement instrument.• Input Tool Series IT-016U (USB Keyboard Signal Conversion Type): 264-016-10 IT-007R (RS-232C Communication Conversion Type): 264-007• Connecting Cables for U-WAVE-T (160 mm): 02AZD790F For foot switch: 02AZE140F• Digimatic Mini-Processor DP-1VA LOGGER: 264-505• ID-SS can be used in standard work environments. The following is excerpted from JIS Z9110: 2010 General rules of recommended lighting levels; 5.4 Factories:Luminance (lux)Settings and procedures1500Very detailed visual work750Detailed visual work; design and drawing work500Regular visual work such as work carried out in a factory; monitoring work such as using instrument panels and control panels300Administrative work carried out in a warehouse200Control rooms, bathrooms, and places where manual light work is carried out150Work such as loading, unloading, and shifting loads100Hallways, corridors, entrances and exits, and warehouses50Indoor emergency staircasesDimensionsUnit: mmISO/JIS TypeBall contact (ø0.12)21BZB005(thread: No. 4-48UNF)ø2.130.631/4ø2.323/40.85ø0.431.970.581.740.791/40.522.000.30ø1/4ø0.375 0-0.0012Unit: inASME/ANSI/AGD TypeM2.5×0.45Sø31721.613.3ø10.946.521.27.3Ball contact (ø3)901312(threaded: M2.5×0.45)ø8 0-0.0097.6ø54ø5954.450.120516ø6.5

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