F-18FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Typical applicationsOutside diameterBall diameterOutside radiusCountersink diameterExamples of measuring various features ItemD=Countersink diameter/Groove width; H=Countersink depth/Groove depthR=Outside radius of round objectR=Inside radius of round objectR=Outside radius of round objectFixture type*1Contact pointConeBallCone—Measuring methodx: Spindle displacementθxDrθxHdDθxDθRXRrX2LRr2Lrx+dR2LCalculationD=AxD=Ax+BH=Ax+BD=AxR=AxR=Ax+B+Cx-1R=A(x+d)+B+C(x+d)-1CoefficientvaluesA-2tan θ-2-2tan θ-2-1-2tan θ-2sin θ-2 - 1-sin θ-2   1-2- 1-2 1-2B0 2γ( 1 cosθ-2 -tan θ-2 ) γ 1 ( -1)- d sin θ-2 2tan θ-200-γγ-γC00000L-22- L-22L-22Origin offset value (function ON/OFF)d0(OFF)0(OFF)0(OFF)0(OFF)0(OFF)0(OFF)0(OFF)d(ON)ORIGIN-set position (x=0 position)dDisplayed measurement value at ORIGIN-set position (Value displayed when x=0)0Value of coefficient B000Err 30*2(Overflow error of Display value)Depends on value of d*1 A dedicated fixture for a workpiece can be made to order.*2 The error is cleared when the measured value returns to the displayable range as a result of moving the spindle.

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