A-13AMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Measurement Data ManagementConvenient data collection tool and quality control softwareMeasurement Data Wireless Communication SystemU-WAVE-T (U-WAVE)Notes on Identication of Measurement Data and Multiple Systems Operation Following the above format, the U-WAVE data format starts with a 4-digit code where the first two digits represent receiver channels and the last two are transmitter channels. The large number of transmitter/receiver combinations possible with this scheme ensures that the receivers in a factory measurement system only accept data from the intended transmitters, even when several receivers are all within communication range of different transmitters using the same channel.Different frequency bands (up to 15 available) may also be used to further ensure that there are no communication problems between adjacent U-WAVE-R units.ModelU-WAVE-T(IP67 type)U-WAVE-T(Buzzer type)Order No.*02AZD730G/02AZD730H/02AZD730J02AZD880G/02AZD880H/02AZD880JProtection RatingIP67NoneData reception indicationLEDsBuzzer and LEDsPower supplyLithium battery CR2032×1Battery lifeApprox. 400,000 transmissionsDimensions (mm)44×29.6×18.5Mass (g)23* Order No. differs depending on the destination country.LED ON(OK: Green, NG: Red)IP67 typeHighly resistant to dust and water ingressBuzzer typeReceipt of data can be checked by buzzer and LED (common specication)Buzzer indicates receipt of data TypeStandard connecting cableConnecting cable for foot switchOrder No.Order No.(A) Water-proof model with output button02AZD790A02AZE140A(B) Water-proof model with output button02AZD790B02AZE140B(C) With data-out button02AZD790C02AZE140C(D) 10-pin plain type02AZD790D02AZE140D(E) 6-pin round type02AZD790E02AZE140E(F) Plain type straight02AZD790F02AZE140F(G) Plain type straight water-proof model02AZD790G02AZE140GFoot switch (optional)937179TStandard accessoryClip for cable xingApplication example of the clipConnector attached to U-WAVE-T by 2 screwsDATAApprox. 80 mmApprox. 500 mmApprox. 80 mmFigure 2. Connecting cable for foot switchTo measuring toolTo measuring toolTo U-WAVE-T unitTo U-WAVE-T unitDATA160 mmU-WAVE-T側測定器側Figure 1. Standard type connecting cable(A) (D)(E)(B)(F)(C)(G)7 types of connectorU-WAVE-TU-WAVE-T dedicated connection cableTransmits measurement data to U-WAVE-R. Select IP67 or buzzer type, according to your application. U-WAVE-R can be connected to Digimatic gages by dedicated cable for U-WAVE-T (optional). It also allows the attachment of digital measuring instruments with data output port, such as the SJ-200 Series.A dedicated cable connects a Digimatic gage to U-WAVE-T. Check the connector (A to G; refer to pages A-21 and A-22 for details) compatible with the Digimatic gage to be used and select either standard type (gure 1) or foot switch type (gure 2) according to your application.• Data formatExample of format when the Digimatic gage displays 12.34 DT1 01 02 +00000012.34 MHeader Unit M: mm DT1: Measurement data Digimatic gage display value*1 ST1: Status code*2U-WAVE-TM/TC/T ID: 00 to 99U-WAVE-R ID: 00 to 99*1 Data interface function is switchable to “Measurement value only” e.g.) 12.34 *2 Example of status code format ST1 01 02 0999999073 99 Header Device ID*3Status code Status codeU-WAVE-TM/TC/T ID 99: Data cancellation U-WAVE-R ID01: No response from Digimatic gage 03: Measurement data missing, others*3 Unique number assigned to U-WAVE at shipment

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