A-14AMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Measurement Data Wireless Communication SystemU-WAVEOptional Accessories for U-WAVE-TU-WAVE-T mounting plateSince the standard cable clip is not sufcient to support the U-WAVE-T on a Digimatic gage, a mounting plate is provided. The mounting plate can be xed to the gage by the easily detachable hook-and-eye type fasteners provided. Batteries can be replaced without needing to detach the U-WAVE-T from the gage.U-WAVE-T mounting plate02AZE200Standard accessories• Detachable fasteners: 1 set• Mounting screw: 2 pcs.U-WAVE-TU-WAVE-TMounting holes*1Connecting cableMounting screwsDetachable fastenerMounting diagram (02AZE200)Typical applications of the mounting plateSuper Caliper CD67-S15PMQuantuMike MDE-25MXDigimatic Indicator ID-C112XB*1 To avoid damaging the threaded holes in the plastic body of the U-WAVE-T unit, the mounting screws should be tightened only just sufciently to grip. Repeated removal of these screws should also be avoided for the same reason.*2 In order to avoid loss of adhesion, do not allow oil or coolant to come into contact with the bonding surfaces of the detachable fasteners.Front viewFront viewFront viewRear viewRear viewRear view*2The detachable fastener is a dual lock fastener (Sumitomo 3M). It is equivalent to detachable double-faced sheet (DK-94, Scotch 3M) commercially available.Mounting Diagram for QM-Height (02AZE990)U-WAVE-T mounting plate for QM-Height02AZE990Standard accessories• Detachable fastener, 2 pcs. (mirror-imaged)• Mounting screw: 2 pcs.Refer to the U-WAVE Brochure (E12000) for more details.

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