F-59FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Dial IndicatorsComparison measuring instruments which ensure high quality, high accuracy and reliability.Optional Accessories for Digimatic and Dial Indicators and Linear GagesL1.7øDødSRAUnit: mmø29290°AUnit: mmø5ø280.51590°ø1AUnit: mmø5Spherical Point (Carbide) Conical Point (Carbide) Order No.120068Order No.120057A: M2.5×0.45A: M2.5×0.45Order No.øDødLSR1200585.24.3551200597.56.510712006010.59.51010A: M2.5×0.45120059120057120068Unit: mmL5ø5.2ø5ALø5AUnit: mmConical Point Used for positioning the measurement point. Since it can damage a workpiece easily, it is not suitable for use on soft materials.Order No.Tip angleL10112060°10Order No.Tip angleL (in)10119060°1/2Order No.Tip angleL10138590°5Order No.Tip angleL (in)10119190°1/4A: 4-48UNFA: 4-48UNFA: M2.5×0.45A: M2.5×0.45101120101119101385Spherical PointA large radius makes this contact point optimal for use where the workpiece needs to slide from the side.Order No.D (in)L (in)SR (in)1012051/21/80.351012043/83/320.28Order No.D (mm)L (mm)SR (mm)1114605.5351252587.9551011191057A: 4-48UNFA: M2.5×0.45LSRøDAUnit: mmMaterial: Hardened steelLSRøDAUnit: mmMaterial: Hardened steelLSRøDAUnit: mmMaterial: Hardened steel15(36.8)ø48AUnit: mmø5Knife Edge Point (Carbide)Suitable for measuring narrow groove diameter, etc.Order No.120067A: M2.5×0.45120067Order No.TøD1200610.421200620.6212006314102.5TøDAUnit: mmø5A: M2.5×0.45Blade Point (Carbide)Suitable for measuring cylinders.120062

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