F-60FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Unit: mmTip of contact point42.234.726.316.5ø75.8ø8ø2.5ø3 contact point (102826)5112M2.5×0.45M1.4×0.37.5Unit: mmTip of contact point42.234.726.316.5ø75.8ø8ø2.5ø3 contact point (102826)5112M2.5×0.45M1.4×0.37.5A: M2.5×0.45A: 4-48UNFLever PointSuitable for use* on perpendicular faces, such as those within mold cavities. Lever can be adjusted to the required angle.Order No.900391Order No.900393900391* Perform measurement in the same posture and conditions as for the reference setting so that variation due to lever deflection are reduced. Gently bring the contact point into touch with the workpiece. Use a dial indicator with as small a measuring force as possible.The tip of contact point is interchangeable.Interchangeable contact points (optional)ø1 mm contact point: 102824ø2 mm contact point: 102825ø3 mm contact point: 102826 (provided as standard)Interchangeable Contact Point SetThis set consists of six types of popular contact point for extending the use of an indicator to many applications.ø1023153910AHex-nutUnit: mmR52Unit: mmLInternal thread M2.5×0.455ø5.2ø5External thread M2.5×0.45Unit: mmUnit: mm9.5 (0.35 in)ø5.2 (2 in)4-48UNFM2.5×0.459.5 (0.35 in)ø5.2 (2 in)4-48UNFM2.5×0.45Order No.21AAA012Order No.Contact points included131365Flat Point (ø5 mm)101117Flat Point (ø10 mm)101121Needle Point101119Spherical Point101118Shell Type Point (R2.5×10)101387Shell Type Point (R2.5×10)Order No.L3036111021AAA259A153036122021AAA259B253036133021AAA259C3521AAA259D4021AAA259E4521AAA259F5021AAA259G553041466021AAA259H6521AAA259J7021AAA259L7521AAA259M8030414790303614100Order No.L (in)1391671/2301655130165723016594Order No.901954Order No.901991A: M2.5×0.45A: M2.5×0.45A: M2.5×0.45A: 4-48UNFA: 4-48UNFExtension RodRoller PointSuitable for use on a moving workpiece surface, or where the workpiece needs to slide from the side.901954303613Roller material: Hardened steelRoller runout: 10 μm or betterNote 1: For a different roller diameter, contact your local Mitutoyo sales office.Note 2: High-accuracy roller with 5 μm runout is also available. (Special order item)Unit: mmUnit: mm9.5 (0.35 in)ø5.2 (2 in)4-48UNFM2.5×0.459.5 (0.35 in)ø5.2 (2 in)Order No.21AAA011Set Order No. 7822

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