F-64FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.• Stuck onto the dial indicator’s dial face or crystal, these stickers indicate the tolerance limits. They are available in three colors: red, green, and yellow. They are available only for SERIES 2 dial indicators.136420(10 sheets/set)136421(10 sheets/set)136422(10 sheets/set)RedGreenYellowLimit Stickers• 9 color-coded spindle caps are available for dial indicators with a range of 10 mm or less.Color-coded Spindle Caps Note: When attaching to small dial indicators, the measuring range height will be 8 mm taller.ColorOrder No.StandardWater-proofBlack21AAB67521AAB676White21AAB675W21AAB676WRed21AAB675R21AAB676RGreen21AAB675G21AAB676GBlue21AAB675B21AAB676BYellow21AAB675Y21AAB676YOrange21AAB675D21AAB676DPink21AAB675P21AAB676PNavy21AAB675S21AAB676SNote: This accessory is not applicable to 1003A(B), 1911A(B)-10, 1913A(B)-10, 1921A(B)-10, 1923A(B)-10, 1925A(B)-10, 2971AB, 2972AB, 2973AB, 2976AB, 2977AB, and 2978AB.The limit hand and bezel clamp are now available as options.For SERIES 2, 3 and 4• Limit hand (2 pcs.): 21AZB195• Bezel clamp: 21AZB148 (mm type) 21RZA065 (inch type) 21RZA067 (for 2424A(B)-19)For SERIES 1• Limit hand (2 pcs.): 21AAB363• Bezel clamp: 21RZA149 (mm type, inch type)Limit hand (2 pcs.)Bezel clamp

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