F-68FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Dial Test IndicatorSERIES 513 — Horizontal TypeSpecial Set:513-908-10E (Metric)513-404-10E:Dial test indicator7014-10: Mini magnetic stand513-907-10E (inch)513-402-10E:Dial test indicator7014E-10: Mini magnetic standDIMENSIONSunit: mmHorizontalL2L31842.71624.1ø408.7L138.7ø8 0-0.038.917.6Order No.L1L2L3513-401-10E14.711.227513-471-10E513-405-10E/A/T18.715.2513-475-10E513-425-10E/A28513-404-10E/A/T20.917.427513-474-10E513-424-10E/A/T22.218.7513-426-10E/A28513-478-10E27513-414-10E/A/T37.433.9513-415-10E/A/T44.541.0513-477-10ETypeOrder No.L1L2Compact513-465-10E18.715.2513-464-10E20.917.4513-466-10E22.218.724.18.738.7L116ø29.2L2ø8 0-0.0318278.942.717.6CompactNote: A slight difference may occur depending on the center of the contact point, graduation plate, and stem fixing position, etc.17.4 mm513-404-10EContact point No. 103006513-415-10EContact point No. 13601341.0 mm513-465-10EContact point No. 10301115.2 mm0.65 in513-402-10EContact point No. 133195513-404-10E/10A/10TGraduation: 0.01 mmRange: 0.8 mmGraduation: 0.01 mmRange: 0.5 mm513-424-10E/10A/10TGraduation: 0.01 mmRange: 0.5 mm513-414-10E/10A/10T513-415-10E/10A/10TGraduation: 0.01 mmRange: 1.0 mmGraduation: 0.002 mmRange: 0.2 mm513-405-10E/10A/10TGraduation: 0.002 mmRange: 0.6 mm513-425-10E/10AGraduation: 0.002 mmRange: 0.2 mm513-465-10EGraduation: 0.001 mmRange: 0.14 mm513-401-10EGraduation: 0.0005 inRange: 0.03 in513-402-10E/10TGraduation: 0.0001 inRange: 0.008 in513-403-10E/10TAn inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page U-9 for details.Note: 513-4XX-10 is indicated on the dial face. But the Order No. for the Special Set provided with the stem etc. has a suffix (E or A or T) at the end. Standard Carbide contact point Standard Carbide contact point Standard Carbide contact point Standard Carbide contact point Compact Carbide contact point High accuracy Carbide contact point With revolution counter Carbide contact point Standard Double scale spacing Carbide contact point Long contact point Carbide contact point Double scale spacing Long contact point Carbide contact point

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