F-75FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Dial Test IndicatorsComparison measuring instruments which ensure high quality, high accuracy and reliability.Contact point (for Metric Models Only*)*Except for universal type dial test indicator (513-304-10).ø0.5 mm contact pointø0.7 mm contact pointø1 mm contact point (Carbide)ø2 mm contact point (Carbide)ø3 mm contact point (Carbide)190547 (L2=11.2 mm)21CAB109 (L2=15.2 mm)190549 (L2=17.4 mm)190654 (L2=18.7 mm)21CAB111 (L2=33.9 mm)190656 (L2=41.0 mm)190548 (L2=11.2 mm)21CAB110 (L2=15.2 mm)190550 (L2=17.4 mm)190653 (L2=18.7 mm)21CAB112 (L2=33.9 mm)190655 (L2=41.0 mm)103017 (L2=11.2 mm)131314 (L2=15.2 mm)103013 (L2=17.4 mm)137558 (L2=18.7 mm)131316 (L2=33.9 mm)136235 (L2=41.0 mm)103010 (L2=11.2 mm)103011 (L2=15.2 mm)103006 (L2=17.4 mm)137557 (L2=18.7 mm)131324 (L2=33.9 mm)136013 (L2=41.0 mm)103018 (L2=11.2 mm)131315 (L2=15.2 mm)103014 (L2=17.4 mm)137559 (L2=18.7 mm)131317 (L2=33.9 mm)136236 (L2=41.0 mm)Stems with Knurled Clamp Ringø4 mm (0.157 inch DIA.)ø8 mm0.375 inch DIA.21CZB13121CZB12921CZB130Swivel ClampsFor ø4 mm stem, ø8 mm stem, and dovetailFor ø6 mm stem, ø8 mm stem, and dovetailFor 0.157 inch DIA. stem, 0.375 inch DIA. stem, and dovetail900321902053900322Holding Bars9×9 mm953638 (Length: 50 mm)900209 (Length: 100 mm)ø8 mm (0.315 inch DIA)900211 (Length: 115 mm/4.528 in)0.25 in×0.5 in953639 (Length: 2 in)900306 (Length: 4 in)Centering Holder•Allows large diameter cylinders or holes to be centered on a machine tool.21CZA233 (ø8 mm stem)21CZA231 (0.25 inch DIA. stem)21CZA229 (ø6 mm stem)901959 (ø8 mm stem)901997 (0.25 inch DIA. stem)Spanner102037ø2 mm contact point (Ruby)21CZA209 (L2=11.2 mm)21CZB068 (L2=15.2 mm)21CZA201 (L2=17.4 mm)21CZA210 (L2=18.7 mm)21CZA211 (L2=41.0 mm)Contact points, Stems and HoldersOptional Accessories for Dial Test IndicatorsøD contact pointM1.7×0.352 mmdial test indicatorL2Universal Holder (dovetail clamp)•A universal holder is an attachment used to mount a dial test indicator in a machine tool spindle so that it can be used to align the spindle axis with a workpiece feature such as a hole center, or a machine axis with an edge. (See diagram below.) It also gives some protection against accidental impacts on the indicator.ø4.56.4ø1514(80)57ø6 0-0.03Universalholderunit: mmDovetail4458ø4Centeringholder-0.030ø8unit: mmø6ø6ø6Stem DIA.ødStem with dovetail(Individual item)Nut(Individual item)Full set(Stem with dovetail+Nut)Order No.ø421CAB10619032221CZB131ø621CAB10319032221CZB128ø821CAB10419032221CZB129ø0.375 in21CAB10519032221CZB130unit: mmOrder No.d1d290205368900321489003220.157 in0.375 inø6ød2ød1ø18612.210.916.227.55.830ø6 0-0.035760°ø15(79)Dovetail

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