A-18AMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Main specications of MeasureReport• Document creation: Automatic creation of template sample style (Number of items × number of workpieces specied)• GO/±NG Judgment: Tolerance judgment (marked in NG value)Workpiece judgment (OK or NG in judgment column)• Statistical analysis: mean, maximum, minimum, range, standard deviation, Cp, Cpk, fraction defective, number of defectives, etc. 15 items in total.• Capacity: 1) Measurement result le conversion2) On-line data input Max. 200 items × Max. 2,000 workpieces3) MeasurLink® database import Max. 200 items × Max. 2,000 workpieces or Max. 2,000 items × Max. 200 workpieces• File combined: A maximum of 10 measurement les can be specied and both measurement items and workpieces can be combined respectively.• Printing and saving of inspection table: Automatic printing and saving in Excel format• Comment output to the inspection table:30 items including part number and lot number can be input.• Workpiece drawing output to the inspection table:Image les (bmp, jpg) can be displayed in arbitrary positions.• Others:Decimal point digit justication, error display, automatic page break• File conversion: Supported le formats1) MCOSMOS ASCII le (Geopak-3)2) MPK2700 statistic le (Binary format)3) MPK2700 ASCII le (Text format)1) QUICK VISION QVPAK-QV Report 2) QUICK SCOPE QSPAK measurement result le3) QUICK IMAGE QIPAK measurement result le1) Vision Unit QSPAK measurement result le Data Conversion Program into Inspection Certicates in Excel FormatMeasureReport• Data from a measurement result le generated with a CMM, vision measuring machine or other machine can be output to an inspection table generated with Excel. Data from multiple measuring machines can be combined into a single inspection table (up to 200 measurement items).• A customized format can be created for an inspection sheet using simple editing (copy & paste, etc.) by using a sample format as the template.• The computation function is available for tolerance judgment, workpiece judgment, statistical calculation and other types of processing at inspection-table generation time.Excel inspection table creation macro program• Measurement result le, data loaded from on-line communication, or data specied from database le of MeasurLink® can be output to an Excel table.• Original format can be created by simple editing with sample style as a template. Desired template style can be automatically created by specifying required number of items and workpieces.• Tolerance judgment (* marked in NG data), workpiece judgment (OK or NG is indicated in judgment column), statistical analysis, page break are automatically processed.• Data from several measuring machines can be combined in one inspection table. Select and extract data, design value, tolerance value, etc., and output in specied Excel format.Example of inspection table.Measurement result file conversionCreate inspection table from measurement result le for each measuring machine (PC data processing)QVPAK, QSPAKQIPAKMCOSMOS, MICROPAK2700MICROPAK700CMMVision Measuring SystemsMeasurement result leMeasurement result leMeasurement result leVision UnitQSPAKOptical InstrumentsMeasure Report operation environment (recommended)• OS:Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista (32-bit) Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit) Windows 10 (64-bit)• Microsoft Excel: 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013/ 2016/2019(Only 32-bit edition is available regardless of Windows version. It doesn't work on 64-bit Windows.)• CPU: Processor of 1 GHz or more• Memory: 2 GB or more• Hard disk: 3 GB or more free space• Display: 1024×768 or larger• Drive: CD-ROM or DVD drive (required for installation)

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