F-93FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.FF-93Dial Gages and Digital IndicatorsQuick Guide to Precision Measuring InstrumentsNomenclatureStem mounting MethodNote• Mounting hole tolerance: ø8 G7 (+0.005 to 0.02)• Clamping screw: M4 to M6• Clamping position: 8 mm or more from the lower edge of the stem• Maximum clamping torque: 150 N·cm when clamping with a single M5 screw• Note that excessive clamping torque may adversely affect spindle movement.• Mounting hole tolerance: ø8 G7 (+0.005 to 0.02)Lug mountingMethodNote• Lugs can be changed 90° in orientation according to the application. (The lug is set horizontally when shipped.)• Lugs of some SERIES 1 models (1911A-10, 1913A-10 and 1003A), however, cannot be altered to horizontal. • To avoid cosine-effect error, ensure that any type of gage or indicator is mounted with its spindle in line with the intended measurement direction.8 mm or moreM6 screwPlain washer5M2.5×0.45Incomplete thread section shall be less than 0.7 mmM2.5×0.45, depth 7 mm ø3 counterbore, depth 1 mmspindleMounting a Dial gageClamping the stem directly with a screwClamping the stem by split-clamp fasteningContact point• Screw thread is standardized on M2.5×0.45 (Length: 5 mm).• Incomplete thread section at the root of the screw shall be less than 0.7 mm when fabricating a contact point.CapPointer (or hand)BezelRevolution counterGraduationsDial faceStemSpindle (or Plunger)Contact point

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