F-96FMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.FAlways minimize the angle between movement directions during use.θL1L2Workpiece movement directionWorkpiece movement directionStylus movement directionStylus movement directionL1: Result of measurementL2: Indicated valueL1=L2×CosDial Test Indicators and the Cosine EffectThe reading of any indicator will not represent an accurate measurement if its measuring direction is misaligned with the intended direction of measurement (cosine effect). Because the measuring direction of a dial test indicator is at right angles to a line drawn through the contact point and the stylus pivot, this effect can be minimized by setting the stylus to minimize angle (as shown in the gures). If necessary, the dial reading can be compensated for the actual value by using the table below to give the result of measurement.Result of measurement = indicated value × compensation valueExamplesIf a 0.002 mm measurement is indicated on the dial at various values of , the result of measurements are: For =10˚, 0.002 mm×0.98=0.00196 mmFor =20˚, 0.002 mm×0.94=0.00188 mmFor =30˚, 0.002 mm×0.87=0.00174 mmCompensating for a non-zero angleAngleCompensation value10˚0.9820˚0.9430˚0.8740˚0.7750˚0.6460˚0.50Mitutoyo's Response to Lever-operated Dial Indicator B 7533: 2015•In the nished product inspection, the accuracy is guaranteed using the horizontal, tilted, vertical type dial indicator with its dial face facing upward; the parallel type with its dial face set in the vertical orientation.Standard-attached inspection certicate includes inspection data. •The inspection certicate for other than the above postures is available for a fee. •It is said that, for evaluation of the compatibility to the specications, the criteria based on JIS B 0641-1 or ISO/TR14253-6 shall be applied. Also, it is said that the uncertainty is preferred to be evaluated based on ISO 14253-2 and ISO/IEC Guide 98-3. Therefore, we perform shipping inspection of dial indicators inclusive of the uncertainty of calibration as in the past. •For pocket types, we perform the nished product inspection based on JIS B 7533-1990.• Maximum permissible error and permissible limitsGraduation (mm)0.001/0.0020.01Revolution1 revolutionMulti-revolution1 revolutionMulti-revolutionMeasuring range (mm)0.3 or lessOver 0.3,up to 0.5Over 0.5,up to 0.60.5 or lessOver 0.5, up to 1.0Over 1.0,up to 1.6L1 ≤ 3535 < L1Error of indication over a range ofMeasuring range (µm)467691016One revolution (µm)—55———1010 scale divisions (µm)2225555Hysteresis (µm) 3444455Repeatability (µm)1113333Measuring force (N)Max.

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