A-19AMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Measurement Data ManagementConvenient data collection tool and quality control softwareMini-Printer Equipped with Data Logging FunctionSERIES 264 — Digimatic Mini-Processor DP-1VA LOGGER264-505DP-1VA LOGGERRefer to the DP-1VA LOGGER Brochure (E12041) for more details.Specications• 264-505• Model: DP-1VA LOGGER• Data input: Digimatic input, RS-232C input (specic to Mitutoyo KA counter)• Data processing capacity: Mode 0: 100,000 pcs. of data Modes 1,2: 9,999 pcs. of data Mode 3: Sample size 10×9,999 subgroups=99,990 pcs. of data• GO/±NG judgment (ve sets can be dened)• Output: 1) USB output 2) RS-232C data output at TTL levels 3) GO/±NG judgment result output (+NG, GO, −NG)• Input timer: Input intervals 0.25 s, 1 s, 5 s, 30 s, 1 min, 30 min, 60 min• Printing method: Thermal line printer • Printing speed: 0.8 s per line (6.5 mm/s) (using AC adapter)• Printing line: 10,000 lines of normal characters per roll 7,000 lines of large characters per roll• Printing paper: High durability thermo-sensitive paper Width 58 mm × length 48 m Note: If it is to be used for ofcial documents, or stored more than 5 years, it is recommended to make a more durable copy.• Power supply: 2 power methods 1) AC adapter 100 to 240 V 50/60 Hz AC adapter (6 V, 2 A) as a standard accessory. 2) 4 pcs. of LR6/AA size (alkaline or Ni-Mh) Note: Manganese dioxide batteries are not usable.• Battery life: About 10,000 lines* (if data is printed once every 5 seconds using 1,600 mA NiMH batteries at 20 ℃) * This is a typical value and is not guaranteed. • External dimensions: 94 (W) ×201 (D) ×75.2 (H) mm• Mass: 390 g (main unit)Optional Accessories 1) USB cable (A-microB) : 06AFZ050 (1 m) 2) RS-232C output cable: 09EAA084 (1 m, D-SUB 9-pin) 3) RS-232C counter cable: 09EAA094 Cable for KA counter (1 m, D-SUB 25-pin) 4) GO/±NG judgment cable: 965516 (2 m, 10 pin terminal/separate) 5) Foot switch: 937179T Consumable Items Printing paper (10 rolls): 09EAA082Example of printoutExample of batch printing log dataStatistical calculation dataVarious statistical calculations are exe-cuted using all input data. If the tole-rance limits have been set, GO/±NG judgment and histogram creation are also enabled.In OUTLOG Setting 1 In addition to the MODE1 function, measurements within the tolerance limits are printed out as a D chart*. This chart allows you to identify the trend of variations in measurement data.* D chart stands for Displacement chart.Only input of data automatically enables calculation processing of complex control limit values as well as calculation for creating an Xbar-R control chart.GO/±NG judgment MODE0MODE1, 2MODE3MODE1MODE2MODE3N: Number of pieces of data MAX: Maximum value MIN: Minimum value R: Range X: Mean value n: Standard deviation of a population (N) n-1: Sample standard deviation (N-1)–NG: For the number of pieces of data smallerthan the lower limit+NG: For the number of pieces of data largerthan the upper limit P: Percentage of rejects Cp: Maximum process capability potentialCpk: Actual process capability achievedIn OUTLOG Setting 2In OUTLOG Setting 3This setting allows printout of measurement time, measurement value, and GO/±NG judgment result.This setting allows printout of data number, measurement value, and GO/±NG judgment result.This setting allows printout of data number, measurement date and time, and GO/±NG judgment result. N: Number of pieces of data MAX: Maximum value MIN: Minimum value n: Number of subgroups (up to 10)X: Mean value in a subgroup R: Range of a subgroup X: Mean value X-UCL: Upper control limit X-LCL: Lower control limit R: Center (R control) R-UCL: Upper control limit (R control) R-LCL: Lower control limit (R control)In addition to the conventional (DP-1VR) printing and statistical calculation functions, data logger and USB output functions are added and enhanced.• This is a palm-sized printer used to print measurement data from Digimatic gages or to perform statistical analysis.• The versatile DP-1VA LOGGER printer not only prints measurement data, but performs a variety of statistical analyses, draws histograms and D-charts and also performs complex operations on Xbar-R control charts.• The data logger function allows storage of up to 1,000 pieces of data in memory, and batch transfer of stored data to an Excel-format inspection certicate, etc., by connecting to a PC with a USB cable (optional).Custom Excel sheetAnalysis by PCMeasurement and storage at siteTransfer

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