G-5GLinear GagesIdeal for integration into harsh environments such as automation applicationsMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.•High-accuracy gage head suitable for in-line and in-laboratory use.•Assures the expected repeatability (2σ) in the full measurement range and the narrow-range precision.•Protection grade IP67G with sliding durability of 50 million times and more*1 and adoption of highly oil-resistant materials.*1 10 mm range models (Actual value from in-house tests)•All models have the origin point signal output function to restore the origin point position after recovery from problems such as overspeed.•It can be connected to a compact counter (EJ counter) suitable for in-line use or building into a device or a multifunctional counter (EH counter)*2 suitable for use in measurement rooms.*2 A conversion plug is required.Connecting cable (2 m)HR10A-10P-10P (HIROSE)43ø14.7542-190/542-191/542-192542-193/542-194/542-195542-196/542-197ConnectorOptional Accessories• Air lifterFor 10 mm range models: 02ADE230For 25 mm range models: 02ADE250For 50 mm range models: 02ADE270Note 1: Required air pressure: 0.2 to 0.4 MPa (With a 0.1 µm resolution type: 0.2 MPa)Note 2: Spindle extends when air is supplied.• Rubber boot (spare)For 10 mm range models: 21HAA331For 25 mm range models: 21HZA176For 50 mm range models: 21HZA184Note 3: Dimensions are shown in the external dimensions drawing of the product.• Thrust stem set: For 10 mm range models: 02ADB680(Thrust stem: 02ADB681, Clamp nut: 02ADB682)For 25/50 mm range models: 02ADN370(Thrust stem: 02ADN371, Clamp nut: 02ADB692)This is a combination of thrust stem and a clamp nut. • Spanner wrench:For 10 mm range models: 02ADB683For 25/50 mm range models: 02ADB693If required spanner wrench is required for tightening.If using multiple gages, a thrust stem set is required for each gage and one spanner wrench.• Extension cable 5 m: 21HZA19710 m: 21HZA19820 m: 21HZA199Note 4: Connectable up to 3 pieces, 20 m at maximum.• Conversion plugConnection to 542-075, 542-071: 21HZA195Connection to 542-073: 21HZA196MeasurementCounterIndustrial interfacePLCData managementCompact-type counter EJ Series*5Multi-functional counter EH counter*4*3 USB output of EH counter is specifically for SENSORPAK.*4 A conversion plug is required for connecting to EH counter.*5 Conventional gages can be connected using conversion connectors. (Please contact us for details of connectable gages.)RS-2322-phase square waveIndustrial IF/IOUSBRS-232C/USB*3LG100 SeriesSystem ConfigurationEnables real-time measurement and data management542-190542-193542-196PCPLC (50) (48) (18) (17)21HZA195 (Standard type)21HZA196 (With origin point mark)Unit: mmLG100SERIES 542 — Environment-Resistant type

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