G-12GMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Unit: mmDIMENSIONSRefer to the Linear Gage Brochure (E13007) for more details.Catalog No. E13007(4)Sensor SystemsLinear Displacement SensorsLINEAR GAGE13007_8_リニヤゲージ.indd 22019/04/01 9:53Function• Preset• Tolerance judgment (3 steps)• Digimatic outputOptional Accessories• Connecting cable for digimatic mini-processor: 936937 (1 m), 965014 (2 m)• DC plug: 214938• I/O cable (2 m): 21HZA222000001EC-101D542-007Serial No.ModelCode No.48 96 6.667(11)44.491.4 44.4 000001EC-101D542-007Serial No.ModelCode No.48 96 6.667(11)44.491.4 44.4 000001EC-101D542-007Serial No.ModelCode No.48 96 6.667(11)44.491.4 44.4 EC CounterSERIES 542 — Only for Digimatic output•This Digimatic display can be connected to Linear gages with Digimatic output (LGS). •Employs DIN size (96×48 mm) and mount-on-panel conguration to facilitate system integration.• It has a data output and tolerance evaluation function.542-007SPECIFICATIONSOrder No.542-007*Quantizing error±1 countResolution( ) indicates maximum display range0.01 mm (±9999.99)/0.0005 in (±99.9995 in)/0.001 in (±999.999 in)0.001 mm (±999.999)/0.00005 in (±9.99995 in)/0.0001 in (±99.999 in)[Automatic setting by gage]DisplaySign plus 6 digits (Green LED)Tolerance judgment displayLED display (3 steps: Amber, Green, Red)External output (switching type)Tolerance judgment output–NG, OK, +NG (open-collector)Data outputDigimatic outputControl inputExternal PRESET, external HOLDPower supply VoltageSupplied AC adapter, or 9 to 12 V DCConsumption4.8 W (max. 400 mA) Ensure at least 1 A is available per unit.Operating temperature (humidity) ranges 0 to 40 °C (RH 20 to 80%, non-condensing)External dimensions96 (W) ×48 (H) ×84.6 (D) mmStandard AccessoriesAC adapter: (Japan/North America) 06AGC585JA / (EU) 06AGC585D /(UK) 06AGC585E / (Korea) 06AGC585K / (China) 06AEG302DCApplicable gage headLGS, IDMass220 g* To denote your AC power cable add the following suffixes to the order No.: A for UL/CSA, D for CEE, DC for CCC, E for BS, K for KC, C and No suffix are required for PSE.

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