G-32GMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Optional AccessoriesSERIES 544 — Laser Scan Micrometer (Measuring Unit)•Standard gage set suitable for calibration of Laser Scan Micrometers.•Nominal gage diameters (1 to 160 mm) are as given in Specications.Standard calibration gage set•Easy set-up and height adjustment enables high-precision measurement. Workstage•Pin gage or plug gage•Roller of copying machineMeasurement Examples•Vertical/horizontal slide mechanism enables easy measurement of various workpiece diameters.•Suitable for quality control of high-precision shafts, rollers, pin gages and similar.Adjustable workstageSPECIFICATIONSFor calibrating modelsLSM-6902HLSM-500SLSM-501SLSM-503SLSM-506SLSM-512SLSM-516SLSM-9506Set No.02AGD18002AGD11002AGD12002AGD13002AGD14002AGD15002AGM30002AGD170Configuration(Order No.)Stand02AGD18102AGD11102AGD12102AGD13102AGD14102AGD15102AGM32002AGD171Gagesø1: 02AGD920ø25: 02AGD963ø0.1: 958200ø2 : 958202ø0.1: 958200ø10: 229317ø1: 02AGD920ø30: 02AGD961ø1: 02AGD920ø60: 02AGD962ø20: 229730ø120: 234072ø20: 229730ø160: 02AGM303ø1: 02AGD920ø60: 02AGD962Carrying case02AGD19095820395820302AGD98002AGD98002AGD99002AGM31002AGD970SPECIFICATIONSModelLSM-501SLSM-503SLSM-6902HOrder No.02AGD270Basic congurationBasic setOrder No.ModelStandard AccessoriesMeasuring range (mm)Horizontal stroke (mm)Vertical stroke (mm)1) Main unit2) V-block3) Stop02AGD280LSM-6902HV-block (02AGD420), 2 pcs.Stopper (02AGD430), 1 pc. 0.1 - 251304702AGD400LSM-501S0.05 - 101303202AGD490LSM-503S0.3 - 302003502AGD520LSM-506S*V-block A (02AGD550), 2 pcs.1 - 603004502AGD370LSM-9506*V-block B (02AGD560), 1 pc.0.5 - 602004502AGD680V-block C (02AGD570), 1 pc.0.5 - 6030045* The stop is not included in the basic set for these models.Note: Optional part for the adjustable workstage, such as center support, adjustable V-block (up/down) etc., are available.•Used for supporting measurement of outside diameter of ne wirelike materials such as magnetic wire or ber.Guide pulleySPECIFICATIONSModelLSM-500SLSM-501SOrder No.02AGD20002AGD210Note 1: Each measurement range is as follows:LSM-500S: ø5 µm to ø1.6 mmLSM-501S: ø50 µm to ø2 mmNote 2: For calibration, the calibration gage set for LSM-500S (02AGD110) is required.

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