G-33GLaser Scan MicrometerNon-contact, high-speed, high-precision measurementMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Optional AccessoriesSERIES 544 — Laser Scan Micrometer (Measuring Unit)•Air blows from the air outlet installed on the laser section to clear dust adhering to the laser window.Air shield •Extension signal cables are necessary when the measuring unit and display unit are separated in operation; Extension relay cables are necessary when the optical section is separated in operation.Extension signal cable/Extension relay cableSPECIFICATIONSAir supply unitAir shieldApplicable models95760802AGD220LSM-500S (544-531, 544-532)02AGD230LSM-501S (544-533, 544-534)02AGD240LSM-503S (544-535, 544-536)02AGD250LSM-506S (544-537, 544-538)02AGD260LSM-512S (544-539, 544-540)Note: Air shield is supplied with 5 m air tube (Outside Diameter: 6 mm).Extension signal cableRelay cable, 1.4 m(0.6 m for LSM-501S (544-533, 544-534))Not equipped with LSM-500S (544-531, 544-532)and LSM-6902H (544-498-1, 544-499-1) Extension relay cableSignal cable (5 m) 02AGN770ADisplay unitEmission UnitReception Unit( )SPECIFICATIONSExtension signal cableExtension relay cableOrder No.Cable lengthOrder No.Cable length02AGN780A 5 m02AGC150A1 m02AGN780B10 m02AGC150B3 m02AGN780C15 m02AGC150C5 m02AGN780D20 mNote 1: For 544-531, 544-532, 544-533, 544-534, the overall length of the signal cable and the extension signal cable is 20 m at a maximum.Note 2: For 544-535, 544-536, 544-537, 544-538, 544-539, 544-540, 544-541, 544-542 the overall length of the signal cable and the extension signal cable is 30 m at a maximum.Note 3: The length of the relay extension cable is 5 m at a maximum.Note 4: The maximum extension length of the signal cable and relay cable is 32 m in total.Note 5: Cannot be used with 544-498-1 and 544-499-1.Optional AccessoriesSERIES 544 — Laser Scan Micrometer (Display Unit)• For LSM-6200 (544-071, 544-072), LSM-6902H (544-498-1, 544-499-1) and LSM-9506 (544-115, 544-116).Foot switch 937179T•Outputs measurement data in BCD output (7-digit) or HEX output.•Data logic can be switched.•Isolated I/O circuitry•Available for LSM-6200 (544-071, 544-072) and LSM-6902H (544-498-1, 544-499-1).Optional AccessoriesInterface for LSM6200, 6902HBCD InterfaceSPECIFICATIONSOrder No.02AGC910Standard AccessoriesConnector (DDK) 57-30360 (214188)

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