H-3HABSOLUTE Digimatic Scale UnitsDesigned to accurately capture positional coordinates along an axisMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.SD ABSOLUTE Digimatic Scale UnitsSERIES 572 Typical applicationsMachine table positionDrilling machine stroke positionFocus setting on optical instruments•SD Series facilitates mounting on jigs, tools, and small machine tools to enable accurate positioning.•Built-in absolute scale including the ABS point does not require a zero-set every time the power is turned on.In addition, reliability has improved thanks to elimination of overspeed errors.•Horizontal or vertical display according to the scale mounting direction.•The dust resistance and the environmental resistance of the display has improved. The SD-G Series offers dust/water protection level IP66.•Long battery life for easier maintenance.•EC counters are available as external display units.•Equipped with an output port to transfer measurement data, allowing implementation in control systems and gaging systems.Functions• ABS (Absolute) measurement function• INC (Incremental) measurement function• Zero-setting function• Presetting function (2 preset values can be set. Not available for SD-G, SD-AX, SD-D, SDV-D)• Double reading function (Available only for SD-F or SDV-F)• Direction switch function(Available only for SD-E, SDV-E)• Hold function*• Measurement value composition error alarm• Low battery alarm• Output function* To activate the hold function when using SD-AX, SD-D or SDV-D models, an optional hold unit is required. Simultaneous activation with the output function is not available. SD-G models are also available to special order.Note: These units use 1.5 V silver oxide cells for the power supply. Therefore, when the units are directly xed to the frame of a machine tool that requires a high voltage, malfunctions such as display digit uctuations and errors may occur. Countermeasure examples are described in the user manuals provided. Please contact Mitutoyo for special applications.Detector head mechanismSpecial applicationsRefer to the ABSOLUTE DIGIMATIC SCALE UNITS Brochure (E4316) for more details.Horizontal single-function type572-202-30 SD-20AX 572-203-10 SD-30DHorizontal single-function type (Water-proof type)572-602 SD-20GVertical multi-function type572-561 SDV-15EVertical single-function type572-303-10 SDV-30DAs a measurement jig for outdoor use (SD-G)Horizontal multi-function type572-461 SD-15E

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