H-4HMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.[Scale units][Display units]System DiagramSingle-function type with high dust/water resistanceSingle-function typeMulti-function typeMulti-function typeSD-AX (Horizontal)SDV-D (Vertical)SD-G (Horizontal) EC Counter*3SD-E (Horizontal)SDV-E (Vertical)SD-F (Horizontal)SDV-F (Vertical)Digimatic mini-processorDP-1VA LOGGER264-505MultiplexerMUX-10F264-002Input Tool (USB keyboard signal conversion model)IT-016U264-016-10Tolerance judgment output*1RS-232C outputUSB keyboard signal conversionNote: May also be connected to an RS-232C conversion type (IT-007R) input tool.Connecting cable with the water-proof type output switch*2 1 m: 05CZA624 2 m: 05CZA625Connecting cable with the output switch 1 m: 959149 2 m: 959150Connecting cable with the output switchConnecting cable 1 m: 936937 2 m: 965014(1) 1 m: 905338 2 m: 905409(2) 1 m: 905689 2 m: 905690(3) 1 m: 905691 2 m: 905692(4) 1 m: 905693 2 m: 905694Refer to page G-12 for details.Palm-sized printer for printing and statistical analysisNote: SD-30D for the measuring range of 300 mm.Interface unit for the RS-232C conversion and output RS-232C outputUSB Interface unit that converts and transfers data into spreadsheets*2*3*3*3Measurement Data Wireless Communication SystemU-WAVEUSB keyboard signal conversionThe data output from the SD Series can be sent to the computer by wireless communication without using the EC counter. Refer to pages A-9 to A-14 for details.(1)(2)(4)(3)*1 Select the tolerance judgment output or Digimatic output when setting the parameters.*2 Connecting cable with the water-proof type output switch can be used only for SD-G or Water-proof Digital Caliper equipped with the external output function.*3 Connecting of SD Series and DP-1VA LOGGER/MUX-10F/IT-016U is also available without passing through the EC counter. In this case, connect these units and SD Series with the cables used for connection with the EC counter.

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