H-5HABSOLUTE Digimatic Scale UnitsDesigned to accurately capture positional coordinates along an axisMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.ABSOLUTE Digimatic Scale UnitsSERIES 572 SPECIFICATIONSTypeUnit spec.Order No.ModelRangeResolutionAccuracyRepeatabilityResponse speed*2Battery lifeHorizontal single-function type (Water-proof type)Metric572-600SD-10G100 mm0.01 mm0.03 mm0.01 mmUnlimitedApprox. 13,000 hours572-601SD-15G150 mm572-602SD-20G200 mmMetric/Inch572-613SD-4" /10G100 mm/4 in 0.0005 in/0.01 mm0.03 mm/0.001 in 572-614SD-6" /15G150 mm/6 in 572-615SD-8" /20G200 mm/8 in Horizontal single-function type Metric572-200-30SD-10AX100 mm0.01 mm0.03 mmApprox. 18,000 hours572-201-30SD-15AX150 mm572-202-30SD-20AX200 mm572-203-10SD-30D300 mm0.04 mmApprox. 20,000 hoursMetric/Inch572-210-30SD-4" AX100 mm/4 in 0.0005 in/0.01 mm0.03 mm/0.001 in Approx. 18,000 hours572-211-30SD-6" AX150 mm/6 in 572-212-30SD-8" AX200 mm/8 in 572-213-10SD-12" D300 mm/12 in 0.04 mm/0.002 in Approx. 20,000 hoursHorizontal multi-function typeMetric572-460SD-10E100 mm0.01 mm0.03 mmApprox. 5,000 hours572-461SD-15E150 mm572-462SD-20E200 mm572-463SD-30E300 mm0.04 mm572-464SD-45E450 mm572-465SD-60E600 mm0.05 mm572-466SD-80E800 mm0.06 mm572-467SD-100E1000 mm0.07 mmMetric/Inch572-470SD-4" E100 mm/4 in0.0005 in/0.01 mm0.03 mm/0.001 in572-471SD-6" E150 mm/6 in572-472SD-8" E200 mm/8 in572-473SD-12" E300 mm/12 in0.04 mm/0.002 in572-474SD-18" E450 mm/18 in572-475SD-24" E600 mm/24 in0.05 mm/0.002 in572-476SD-32" E800 mm/32 in0.06 mm/0.0025 in572-477SD-40" E1000 mm/40 in0.07 mm/0.0025 inHorizontal multi-function type (equipped with double reading function)Metric572-480-10*1SD-10F100 mm0.01 mm0.03 mm0.01 mm(Radius indication, not diameter)Approx. 5,000 hours572-481-10*1SD-15F150 mm572-482-10*1SD-20F200 mm572-483-10*1SD-30F300 mm0.04 mm572-484-10*1SD-45F450 mm572-485-10*1SD-60F600 mm0.05 mm572-486-10*1SD-80F800 mm0.06 mm572-487-10*1SD-100F1000 mm0.07 mmMetric/Inch572-490-10*1SD-4" F100 mm/4 in0.0005 in/0.01 mm0.03 mm/0.001 in572-491-10*1SD-6" F150 mm/6 in572-492-10*1SD-8" F200 mm/8 in572-493-10*1SD-12" F300 mm/12 in0.04 mm/0.002 in572-494-10*1SD-18" F450 mm/18 in572-495-10*1SD-24" F600 mm/24 in0.05 mm/0.002 in572-496-10*1SD-32" F800 mm/32 in0.06 mm/0.0025 in572-497-10*1SD-40" F1000 mm/40 in0.07 mm/0.0025 inVertical single-function typeMetric572-300-10SDV-10D100 mm0.01 mm0.03 mm0.01 mmApprox. 20,000 hours572-301-10SDV-15D150 mm572-302-10SDV-20D200 mm572-303-10SDV-30D300 mm0.04 mmMetric/Inch572-310-10SD-4" D100 mm/4 in0.0005 in/0.01 mm0.03 mm/0.001 in572-311-10SD-6" D150 mm/6 in572-312-10SD-8" D200 mm/8 in572-313-10SD-12" D300 mm/12 in0.04 mm/0.002 inVertical multi-function typeMetric572-560SDV-10E100 mm0.01 mm0.03 mmApprox. 5,000 hours572-561SDV-15E150 mm572-562SDV-20E200 mm572-563SDV-30E300 mm0.04 mm572-564SDV-45E450 mm572-565SDV-60E600 mm0.05 mm572-566SDV-80E800 mm0.06 mm572-567SDV-100E1000 mm0.07 mmMetric/Inch572-570SDV-4" E100 mm/4 in0.0005 in/0.01 mm0.03 mm/0.001 in572-571SDV-6" E150 mm/6 in572-572SDV-8" E200 mm/8 in572-573SDV-12" E300 mm/12 in0.04 mm/0.002 in572-574SDV-18" E450 mm/18 in572-575SDV-24" E600 mm/24 in0.05 mm/0.002 in572-576SDV-32" E800 mm/32 in0.06 mm/0.0025 in572-577SDV-40" E1000 mm/40 in0.07 mm/0.0025 inVertical multi-function type (equipped with double reading function)Metric572-580-10*1SDV-10F100 mm0.01 mm0.03 mm0.01 mm(Radius indication, not diameter)Approx. 5,000 hours572-581-10*1SDV-15F150 mm572-582-10*1SDV-20F200 mm572-583-10*1SDV-30F300 mm0.04 mm572-584-10*1SDV-45F450 mm572-585-10*1SDV-60F600 mm0.05 mm572-586-10*1SDV-80F800 mm0.06 mm572-587-10*1SDV-100F1000 mm0.07 mmMetric/Inch572-590-10*1SDV-4" F100 mm/4 in0.0005 in/0.01 mm0.03 mm/0.001 in572-591-10*1SDV-6" F150 mm/6 in572-592-10*1SDV-8" F200 mm/8 in572-593-10*1SDV-12" F300 mm/12 in0.04 mm/0.002 in572-594-10*1SDV-18" F450 mm/18 in572-595-10*1SDV-24" F600 mm/24 in0.05 mm/0.002 in572-596-10*1SDV-32" F800 mm/32 in0.06 mm/0.0025 in572-597-10*1SDV-40" F1000 mm/40 in 0.07 mm/0.0025 in *1 Available to special order*2 High slider speed does not cause data errors. Position feedback and output data may not be used while the slider is moving.

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