H-9HLinear ScalesDesigned to accurately capture positional coordinates along an axisMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Linear Scales AT113SERIES 539 — Slim TypeSPECIFICATIONSModel AT113Effective range100 to 1500 mmAccuracy (20 °C)(5 + 5L0/1000) µmOutput signalTwo 90° phase-shifted sinusoidal signalsMaximum response speed120 m/minSignal output pitch20 µmScale reference pointOutput in 50 mm pitchOperating temperature0 to 45 °CNote 1: High precision model AT113F (JIS Class 0, 3 + 3L0/1000) µm is also available to special order.Note 2: Ultra-high precision model AT113S (2 + 2L0/1000) µm is also available to special order for the effective range 100 to 500 mm.Note 3: The indication accuracy does not include quantizing error. L0=Effective range (mm)AT113Effective rangeL0 (mm)Signal cable length(m)Order No.Model539-201-30AT113-100100 (4 in)3539-202-30AT113-150150 (6 in)539-203-30AT113-200200 (8 in)539-204-30AT113-250250 (10 in)539-205-30AT113-300300 (12 in)539-206-30AT113-350350 (14 in)539-207-30AT113-400400 (16 in)539-208-30AT113-450450 (18 in)539-209-30AT113-500500 (20 in)539-211-30AT113-600600 (24 in)539-213-30AT113-700700 (28 in)539-214-30AT113-750750 (30 in)539-215-30AT113-800800 (32 in)539-216-30AT113-900900 (36 in)539-217-30AT113-10001000 (40 in)5539-218-30AT113-11001100 (44 in)539-219-30AT113-12001200 (48 in)539-220-30AT113-13001300 (52 in)539-221-30AT113-14001400 (56 in)539-222-30AT113-15001500 (60 in)Refer to the Linear Scale DRO Systems Brochure (E13000) for more details.An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page U-9 for details.•Slim type with unit sectional dimensions of 22×35 mm.•Connectable to the KA-200 counter or PSU-200.

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