H-15HLinear ScalesDesigned to accurately capture positional coordinates along an axisMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Refer to the Linear Scale DRO Systems Brochure (E13000) for more details.Linear scale counterFUNCTIONSTypeFunctionHigh performanceKA-200 CounterZero-settinglPresetlResolution settinglMeasurement direction settinglmm/inch conversionlDiameter displaylScale reference point setting*1l1/2 calculationlCoordinate system switchinglBolt-hole circle machining l*2Pitch machininglZero approach machining (INC mode)lAddition of 2-axis data l*3Linearity error compensationlPitch error compensation l*1SmoothinglMemory backuplExpansion/contraction coefficient setting—Lower digit blanking outlExternal zero-setting s*4RS-232C output s*4USB output s*5Limit signal output—Error messagell: Standard function, s: Optional function, —: Not available*1 Only available when connecting with AT100 Series.*2 Not available in single-axis use*3 Only available for 3-axis model (KA-213)*4 Code out unit (06AET993) is required.*5 Text can be output by code out unit and foot switch

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