H-17HLinear ScalesDesigned to accurately capture positional coordinates along an axisMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.•Glass and metal tape versions are available.•Includes an automatic adjusting function for the signal (EZA function) at the push of a button.•Detector head mounting and signal adjustment possible without oscilloscope or PC. •A setup indicator for checking signal strength is included. •Self-diagnosis function with USB connectivity facilitates signal strength checking and parameter setup.•I/F circuit integrated in connector shell reduces volume to 60% compared to conventional interface.•The thickness of the detector head is only 7.5 mm. The metal tape scale type has a mounting surface area of 12.5 by 9.325 mm, allowing use in applications where a space-saving design is important.Refer to the NC Linear Scale Systems Brochure (E13005) for more details.Linear Scales ST46-EZASERIES 579 — Compact TypeSPECIFICATIONSGlass Scale TypeMetal Tape Scale Type•Double-end mounting design•Double-sided tape mounting designModelST46-EZADetection methodReflective optical linear encoderScale type GlassMetal tapeMain scale grating pitch20 µmOutput signalType B: 2-phase square-wave signals (RS-422A compatible), reference point pulse, external reset input.Type C: 2-phase square-wave signals (RS-422A compatible), reference point pulse, 2-phase sinusoidal signals.Effective range10 to 3000 mmAccuracy (20 ºC)Effective range 10 to 300 mm: ±1 µm Effective range 350 to 500 mm: ±2 µm Effective range 600 to 1000 mm: ±3 µmEffective range 1100 to 3000 mm: ±3 µm/mEffective range 10 to 1000 mm: ±5 µm Effective range 1100 to 3000 mm: ±5 µm/m(The above accuracy applies to individual scales. For double-end mounting designs, perform point-to-point correction after ensuring the metal tape is tensioned correctly.)Maximum response speed2.6 m/s (at the point where the sinusoidal signal amplitude has decreased by 3 dB)Scale reference point10 to 80 mm: 1 center point; 100 to 300 mm: 50 mm pitchPower supply voltage5 VDC ± 5%Operating temperature (humidity) range 0 to 40 ºC (RH 20 to 80%, non-condensing)Storage temperature (humidity) range–20 to 60 ºC (RH 20 to 80%, non-condensing)Head cable length1 m (high-flex connecting cable)An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page U-9 for details.

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