H-19HLinear ScalesDesigned to accurately capture positional coordinates along an axisMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.•Effective range: 12 m, Maximum response speed: 8 m/s, Resolution: 1 nm •Various interfaces are supported.•A new detection method has improved robustness in regards to contamination resistance and gap tolerance (in-house testing result).•Can be mounted using double-sided tape or screws (on both sides or at the center of the unit).•Signal check program enables integrity check and maintenance.Refer to the NC Linear Scale Systems Brochure (E13005) for more details.An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page U-9 for details.Linear Scales ABS ST1300SERIES 579 SPECIFICATIONSModelABS ST1300Detection methodOptical reflection type linear encoderScale typeDouble-end mountingCenter mountingDouble-sided tape mountingMaximum effective range12000 mm6000 mm3000 mmFixing part material——Equivalent to ironOther than equivalent to ironAccuracy (20 ºC)±5 µm (1 m or less), ±5 µm/m (1.1 m or more)*4With system parameters:±5 µm (1 m or less), ±5 µm/m (1.1 m or more)Without system parameters:±10 μm (1 m or less), ±10 μm/m (1.1 m or more)±5 µm (1 m or less), ±5 µm/m (1.1 m or more)Maximum response speed8 m/s or lessExpansion coefficient≈10×10-6/K*5≈10×10-6/K≈10×10-6/K*2Power supply5 VDC ± 10%Maximum current consumption270 mA or 250 mA (depends on interface)Cable length1 m (high-flex connecting cable)Maximum cable length29 m (including head cable)Usable temperature (humidity) range0 to 50 °C (RH 20 to 70%, non-condensing)0 to 50 °C*1 (RH 20 to 70%*3, non-condensing)When mounting: ±10 °C Storage temperature (humidity) range–20 to 70 °C (RH 20 to 70%, non-condensing)*1 ‌Double-sided tape fixing type, careful for the condition of operating temperature range, in case that the sealing surface material is except for Fe equivalent.*2 ‌Thermal expansion coefficient occasionally change, as the difference between scale material’s and sealing surface material’s is excessive.*3 ‌Double-sided tape fixing type, the accuracy compensation occasionally change, in case that the sealing surface material is except for Fe equivalent and stored in environment over operating temperature range. Imaging these conditions, double-end fixing type is adopted.*4 ‌Tension fix is adopted to be stable the temperature property. Because scale tension is longer 250 μm/m, the accuracy compensation is needed over the system.*5 ‌Thermal expansion coefficient after mounted conform to expansion/contraction of mounted surface by changing outer temperature (Double-end fixing type).Note: For details on specification, mounting procedure, and adjustments, refer to the corresponding brochure and operation manual.Absolute typeSeries nameSeparate Type ABSOLUTE Linear ScaleInterface specification*10:Supports Mitutoyo ENSIS high-speed serial interface ABS ST130□A4:Supports Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, high-speed serial interface ABS ST134□A5:Supports FANUC CORPORATION, high-speed serial interface ABS ST135□7:Supports Panasonic Corporation, high-speed serial interface ABS ST137□A8:Supports YASKAWA Electric Corporation, high-speed serial interface ABS ST138□AABS ST13 4 1 A - 1200 D Effective range: 10 to 12000 mmTransmission methodA: When 0, 4, 7, or 8 is selected in the interface specification listed on the leftNothing: When 5 is selected in the interface specification listed on the leftResolution1: Resolution 0.01 µm2: Resolution 0.001 µmMeaning of Model No.Double-end mounting typeDouble-sided tape mounting type Center mountingAvailable Interfaces*1FANUC CORPORATION, FANUC αi Series CNCMitsubishi Electric Corporation, MELSERVO Servo Amplifier MR-J4 SeriesYASKAWA Electric Corporation, SERVOPACK Σ-7 SeriesPanasonic Corporation, MINAS A5 SeriesMitutoyo ENSIS*2*1 Be sure to contact each manufacturer for details of the applicable systems (availability of connection).*2 ENSIS is a registered trademark of Mitutoyo Corporation.Scale mountD: Double-end mountingE : Double-sided tape mountingF: Center mounting (With system parameters)G: Center mounting (Without system parameters)

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