J-15JMicroscopesMicroscope lineups that systemize observation, measurement and processingMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.•M/BD Plan Apo (M Plan Apochromat Bright/ Dark-eld) Series objectives feature the image evenness over the entire view eld needed to achieve high color reproducibility.•The following objective lenses support a wide range of wavelength including near infrared, visible, and ultraviolet lasers. Specialty LCD laser objectives are available: M/LCD Plan NIR (-HR) Series (Near-infrared lenses for laser processing featuring ultra-long working distances), M/LCD Plan NUV Series (Near-ultraviolet lenses), M/LCD Plan UV Series (Ultraviolet lenses), and G Plan Apo Series (Cover Glass corrected lenses that allow focusing through a window for vacuum and high temperature applications).•Uses environment-friendly glass (no lead or arsenic) for the lens material.•Without changing the required magnication, ultra-high speed variable focal length enables obtaining perfectly focused images in real-time with stress-free operation.•The time required for auto-focusing is drastically reduced, and the optical system focus range is extended without the expense of a mechanical drive.FS objective lensesSERIES 378 — Ultra-long working distance objective lensVarifocal LensTAGLENSTAGLENS-T1 Ultra-high speed, varifocal lens. A dedicated controller is equipped as standard.Video Microscope Unit VMU-T1 TAGLENS-T1 is installed in the microscope unit. Incorporating the objective lens and the camera enables configuring a varifocal optical system.BF (Bright-field) for observation/measurementBD (Bright/Dark-field) for observation/measurementFor near-infrared calibration (NIR)For near-ultraviolet calibration (NUV)For the ultraviolet calibration (UV)SPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSOperating principleVariable refraction indexResonance frequency70 kHzEffective apertureø11 mm*Transmittance 90% or more (λ400 to 700 nm)** The above value are based on optical design theoretically.Compatible TAGLENSTAGLENS-T1Imaging lens magnification1XImaging area ø11 mmApplicable objective lensM Plan Apo SeriesOptionsManual turret, Power turret, Polarizer, Focusing unit A or B, XY stage, Simplified stand.M Plan Apo SeriesObjective lens1X2X5X7.5X10X20X50XDepth of focus×2 (mm)0.880.180.0280.0120.0070.0030.0018Total scanning width (mm)164.00.640. FOV (mm)1/2 inch camera4.8×6.42.4×3.20.96×1.280.64×0.850.48×0.640.24×0.320.096×0.1282/3 inch camera6.6×8.83.3×4.41.32×1.760.88×1.170.66×0.880.33×0.440.132×0.176Refer to the Microscope Units and ObjectivesBrochure (E14020) for more details.Refer to the Varifocal Lens TAGLENS Brochure (E14025) for more details.Catalog No. E14025Varifocal LensTAGLENSOptical MeasuringTAGLENS_EA01_CS5_0115.indd 12019/01/15 13:09

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