K-12KMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.Application software (Optional)Form assessment/analysis software FORMTRACEPAK-APVerication of designed value and form analysis are performed on the basis of the contour data obtained via the QV auto trace tool, non-contact displacement sensor, PFF, and WLI. FORMTRACEPAK-PROThis software performs 3D form analysis from the data obtained via the non-contact displacement sensor of the QV HYBRID Series.QV3DPAKThis software generates 3D forms from the PFF (Points From Focus) or WLI (White Light Interferometer) data.Measurement support softwareQV3DCADOfine teaching software EASYPAG-PROThis software creates QVPAK measurement procedure programs using 2D CAD data.Statistical processing softwareMeasurLink®This software enables statistical arithmetic processing of measurement results.External control softwareQVEioAllows you to externally control or output the operating status of a QV connected to a PLC or PC.QV3DCAD uses 3D CAD models to easily create QVPAK part program both online and offline.MCubeMap Allows you to analyze parameters compliant with JIS B681-2: 2018 (ISO25178-6: 2010), such as Sa, Sq and other height parameters from the 3D data captured by QVWLI.

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