K-13KVision Measuring SystemsVision measuring systems for multipurpose useMitutoyo reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication, including prices, designs and service content, without notice.SPECIFICATIONSModel No.QS-L2010Z/AFCQS-L3017Z/AFCQS-L4020Z/AFCDrive methodAuto focus equipped, X, Y axis: manual; Z axis: motor-operatedMeasuring range (X×Y×Z)200×100×150 mm300×170×150 mm400×200×150 mmResolution/Scale unit0.1 μm/Linear encoderVision measuring accuracy*1*2X axis, Y axis(2.2 + 0.02L/1000) µmZ axis(4.5 + 0.006L/1000) µmAccuracy guaranteed temperature20±1 ºCObservation unit*37X zoom (8 steps) interchangeable objective lenses (1X objective 0.5X - 3.5X; 1.5X objective 0.75X - 5.25X; 2X objective 1X - 7X)Image detection method3 megapixel, CMOS color camera (1/2 in)IlluminationTransmitted lightWhite LEDCo-axial lightWhite LEDRing light4-quadrant white LED*1 Inspected to a Mitutoyo standard. L=length between two arbitrary points (mm)*2 3X lens magnification or greater *3 1X and 2X objective lenses are optional•Manual vision measuring system with a high speed, high-definition auto focus 3-megapixel camera.•A 4-quadrant high-intensity LED ring light provides excellent observation performance.•The newly designed zoom unit and interchangeable objectives achieve a maximum magnification ratio of 14X. Viewing possibilities extend from low magnification wide view measurement to high magnification micro-measurement.QS-LZ/AFCManual Vision Measuring SystemRefer to the QUICK SCOPE QS-L Brochure (E14004) for more details.Catalog No. E14004(2)Vision Measuring SystemsQUICK SCOPE QS-LVision Measuring SystemsProducts equipped with the measurement data output function can be connected to the measurement data network system MeasurLink® (refer to page A-25 for details).An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page U-9 for details.From wide view measurement to micro-measurementOptical magnification0.5X0.65X0.75X0.85X0.98X1X1.28X1.3X1.5X1.7X2X2.25X2.5X3X3.5X3.75X4X5X5.25X7XView fieldHorizontal (H)(mm)Vertical (V) magnification (on the monitor)2026303439405152606879.38999.3119138.7149158.7198.7208277.3Objective lens1X objective (optional)Working distance●●●●●●●●74 mm1.5X objective (standard accessory) Working distance●●●●●●●●42 mm2X objective (optional)Working distance●●●●●●●●42 mmNote: The total magnification indicates the magnification on the monitor when the size of the QSPAK video window is 252.7×214.9 mm (default).QS-L3017Z/AFCAuto focus image

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